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YOU ARE SO WORTHY, you are so valuable, precious and loved and IMPORTANT!

You are HIGHLY DESIRABLE, Magnetic, and...oh yeah...


you believe that don't you?

You know this in the depths of your soul, right? You're claiming and affirming the crap out of this...right?

Hmmm... probably not. Why? Because most people don't. Most people think, "Maybe for some but not me. Who am I to have/want/be this? "

And so I come to you, telling you, I completely get that.

I come to you speaking from experience. I come to you as a woman who had to take her own journey from feeling deeply insecure, fearful, angry, broken and lost to someone who said, enough of this shit. I'm over it! Done.

I was SO OVER wondering WHEN I would start to feel confident. I was SO OVER wondering when life would actually start to feel good. I so desired and craved for the life I could see and feel alive inside of me, but had no idea where to begin.

And NOTHING made sense until I finally got that all of this mess was my own doing.

My reality of being broken and lost was because of how broken and lost I felt inside.


It was the moment after experiencing another one of my awful anxiety attacks. I literally cried out (more like screamed - fists in the air and all) to God, "PLEEAASSE, make it stop. Get me out of this! Please, just show me the way and I promise I will help others through this."

And what happened next was not a miracle.

It was a decision.

Don't get me wrong, I was totally waiting for angels to come down or something amazing and miraculous like that to happen. But it didn't. It never did

What did change, in that moment, was me.

I finally decided

Enough is enough.

it's time to change.


This program is for that beautiful soul who has had enough of doubting herself, living in insecurity, not really showing up the way she wants to...needs to. She just knows.

it's time to change.


This is about self-actualization.

This is about living in a state of EXALTATION.

This is about CONFIDENCE, EMPOWERMENT, strength, boundaries, Self-Love, worthiness, oh my god, yes, DEEP-ROOTED WORTHINESS.

This is the very thing that I promised I would teach.

This is the very thing that changed my life.

With You Are So Worthy, you will dive head-first into powerful MINDSET and LOA processes, Meditations, and all the Inner Work.

With You Are So Worthy, you will be getting back into your power. Back into your KNOWING that you DO get to live that life. You get to feel good, live well, and love deeply.

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Let me explain the program:

Week 1:

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The first week you will:

Learn how to create a whole new Self-Image

Release old programs of insecurity.

Connect with the energy of a HIGH-VALUE, highly-desirable, and worthy person.

Letting the past go, stepping into the new, ASCENDED you.

Week 2:


The second week, you will:

Connect soul-to-soul with another person.

Learn how to create closeness and harmony in your current relationships

Uncover the lessons and points of reflection that this relationship is offering you.

Learn how to open your heart, release anger, past hurts, personality struggles, and any fears of getting close or hurt by another.

Learn how to love another as your soul does and receive that love in return.

PLUS, a super fun bonus on Twin Flames

Week 3:


The third week, you will:

Release the fears and personality attachments to money.

Re-program you relationship to money.

Dive deep into a magnetic money mindset.

Learn how to relax and feel easy around giving, receiving, and saving money.

Week 4:


The 4th and final week is all about Divine Manifesting. This week, you will:

Learn how to work effortlessly with spiritual laws and energy, tapping into and living purely from a magical space.

Practice tuning within, listening to guidance, and building the courage and confidence to act it right away.

Create total FLOWWWW.


This is a 4-Week program beginning Saturday, February 17th. During our 4 weeks together, you will receive:

  • Weekly Training. 1 training call each Saturday. Around 60-90 minutes depending on questions.

  • Training calls will conclude with a powerful Meditation.

  • Bonus coaching snippets, Inner work, and Mindset practices throughout the week that relate to the theme of the week.

  • A Weekly Transformation Playsheet - sent out prior to the call.

  • Access to the You Are So Worthy private Facebook Mastermind.

  • All-Access to me via messenger during our 4 weeks together.

  • Recordings to ALL calls.

  • Lifetime Access to ALL THE CONTENT - never worry about missing a day or anything for that matter.


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See you on the other side, love! :)