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This is where it all begins!

Today, you get to identify the unconscious patterns that are silently running the show. You will learn how to access those deep-rooted thoughts, habits, expectations, and behaviors that are responsible for everything you've created in your life up until this point. Once you see what's going on underneath the surface, THAT'S when the healing and transformation can begin!

You ready to begin shifting everything?! :)


Journaling Questions: Remember, don't think about the answer, let the answers flow out from you.

1) What are my unconscious patterns right now? What am I currently creating UNCONSCIOUSLY in my life ?

2) What do I simply believe to be true about ______ (pick any area in your life where you want to experience healing/transformation/expansion)


Complete today's clearing/uncovering/healing experience with this Theta Meditation. It is done! :D


The universal secrets to bending time, space, and YOUR reality.

Enjoy this bonus to get you thinking and FEELING inside your Vortex in a way that will clear your path for rapid transformation.

Bonus ~ Resources

One of my favorite and most magical books!

This is a book that I have loved and used for YEARS to learn and create magic from, to include many meditations.

The last line that is highlighted is allll about getting in the Vortex! i.e. pure alignment.

"How do you connect with the Universal Mind and use this connection to create what you want? You are always linked with the Universal Mind, for It creates whatever you think about. You can learn to consciously link with the Universal Mind by doing what I will call energy work before you take physical action to create what you want. The Universal Mind contains the unmanifest essence of our forms before they appear in your physical reality. As you work with energy, you are conscsiously working with Universal Mind."

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Bonus #3 ~ You Get the Free Download!

Bonus #4 ~ Meditation for Letting Go

Let this meditation help you with the releasing process in Day 15


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