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You want to get really really good at manifesting whatever your heart desires?

Want to learn how to play with energy?

and discover just how freakin’ powerful you really are!

Because that’s what these 6+ weeks with me is going to do for you.

I am ALL ABOUT getting epic results for my clients. It’s what I do for myself and it’s what I know is available for you RIGHT NOW.

Working with the Law of Attraction is incredibly fun!

When you work 1:1 with me, I will be teaching you how to go DEEP into your SOUL. You will be transforming mindsets, playing with energy, and experiencing my best meditations & energy practices for manifesting whatever you want.

You really can be, do, have anything when you learn HOW.

With the 6 Week 1:1 Package you are getting ~

  • ALL ACCESS to me through my private Voxer account. (You have me right there for whenever you need my ear/guidance/support)

  • A tailor-made program FOR YOU and your specific desire!

  • Specialized Program Packet filled with your Playsheets, tools, guidance & tips to get you LOCKED IN, laser-focused, and on the fast-track to manifesting.

  • 6 Weekly calls with me + 2 bonus calls for whenever & whatever

  • Meditations, POWERFUL Journalings, & Soul-Shifting Inner work just for YOU.

  • Instant & FREE Access to any of my on-going programs and Home-Study courses.

You will have me, by your side, holding your hand, guiding you, supporting you, and getting your booty IN GEAR for a total of 8 WEEKS (when you include the 2 bonus calls you get!).

If everything about this feels right and exciting and HELL YES!! If you are absolutely READY to up your game and get to manifesting the magic you KNOW you deserve and are ready for, message me ASAP and we’ll discuss the next steps.

all my love~

Get it NOW ~ 1 Payment of $3333

Let It Be Easy ~ 2 Monthly Payments of $1667

12-Week Program

12 Weeks of lessons and personalized coaching with Madeline. This is the ultimate training for the person who has a grand vision of transformation and wants full mental, emotional, and energetic support for multiple desires. You will be working with specialized Meditations, Mindset Mastery techniques, and Law of Attraction processes.

12-Week Program

  • 12 weekly phone or Skype sessions tailored to your desired result.

  • (3) Bonus Calls (1 prior to beginning, 1 as a follow-up to the program, and 1 for whenever)

  • Personalized Program Packet that includes call lessons, processes, home studies, and a supplemental resources

  • (1) Personalized Meditation

  • All-access to Madeline via email

  • Card-drawings as requested

Total time for the 12-week program varies between 3 and 5 months, depending on the spacing of bonus calls. This program is a full training resource for the person who is looking for total transformation and complete mental, emotional, and energetic support around multiple desired outcomes. If you have a grand vision of transformation for your life, this is the ideal program for you. Together, we will be working with Law of Attraction processes, Mindset Mastery techniques, Meditations, Take-home tools, and additional resources for you to achieve your desired result.

Once purchase is confirmed, I will be in touch to set up our date & time.