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Audio FX 

You choose the background music. Begin by listening to samples of the music selections below. Listen with headphones for optimal sound.

Next, select the intention for your meditation. Each intention includes a carefully organized bundle of affirmations. Do you want to create perfect health? Would you like to attract your soulmate? Choose your intention from the selections below.

Ideal Health & Physique

Enormous Wealth & Abundance

Bring In True Love

Deep Inner Peace & Serenity

Become A   Manifestation  Master

Unshakeable Self-Confidence

Audio FX add depth and enhance the complete meditation experience.

  1. Subliminal Messaging - This option provides affirmations placed underneath and sporadically throughout the meditation. Subliminal messaging is not always intended to be heard consciously but to be added affirmations in the background.

  2. Binaural Effects - This option will carry my voice and other sounds from your left to right ear.

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Each meditation is 30 minutes long.

Please allow 1-2 days to receive after purchase.


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