I’m on a mission to bring back true love

to have that expressed in myself, for myself, for the people in my life, and in my epic, Divine Relationship.

I’m on a mission to getting healthy

I know that this true love must FIRST be for myself and for no one else. I also know (and have experienced) that as I improve the love for myself, my level of esteem… as I start to see myself differently, uniquely, and truly. As I start appreciating the world around me, as I make a concerted effort to be a better me for ME…

my entire life improves

and has been improving

and i have no reason to believe that it won’t keep improving

this is because of love

this is because of wisdom

this is because of patience, and years and years of practicing it

this is because i chose and still choose to walk my true path

this is because i learned about boundaries

this is because I dove into my soul, my psyche, and my shadows

this is because i refused to tolerate or settle or SABOTAGE my true desires and deepest needs

to me…THAT is true love

love..the opposite of fear

love.. the energy that empowers, sets free, and heals

For the longest time, I believed LOVE meant self-neglect. Love meant never offending. Love meant just keep to yourself, don’t ask too many questions, just be grateful.

but that never felt good

and in fact, it didn’t produce good

because as so many of us sit around in discontent, in resentment, in hollowness, in a feeling like..”what exactly is missing?”

We’ve strayed from the path of TRUE LOVE and into the arms of helplessness, mediocrity, medication, disconnection, social isolation, & self-neglect

we’ve become sicker, sadder, angrier, and fatter.

and that is not true love.

Yes, I’m on a mission to bring back true love, to educate women all around the world to fall in love with THEMSELVES. To honor themselves. To EMPOWER themselves and to create AMAZING, fulfilling, passionate and LIFELONG, TRUE LOVE relationshps.

because I think not only is it possible… it’s necessary.

When it comes to our life and our relationships, you can either be in the driver’s seat of a car, heading towards an absolutely brilliant, bright, fabulous future. Where you have the mind, the body, the confidence, the job, and the LOVE of your dreams


you can feel like a helpless passenger, watching life pass by, powerless to change it or guide, as the life you once dreamed of, the love you thought you would get to experience, slowly fades into the distant past.

You have the choice to choose and create. You have the power of creation and the power of choice within you. The BEST comes to you when you develop the best within you. When you educate yourself, test yourself, grow yourself. True Love is real, but you must first cultivate it within yourself.

My newest Masterclass Series is launching on Wednesday!!! It is teaching you all about the Sacred Relationship, understanding your feminine energy & power to create a relationship with a man who loves, adores, and is passionately devoted to you. It’s about learning to do relationships in a way that completely awakens the soul.