When you step into the energy of Self-Worth, you are stepping into Self-Love.

You are no longer trying to impress people, get people to like you, perform for people, manipulate people, or control people. You have reached a vibration of security.



& deep inner peace.

This space is like finding paradise and deep rest for your soul. It comes by moving out of the energy of, “I need to do, fix, or figure out,” and into the energy of complete acceptance. The space of, “I Am.”

I am still. I am enough. I am Love. I am who I am.

How good does that feel?

When you take residence in that space, when you live in a space of knowing you are enough, you are safe, and you are free within yourself, you have zero interest in trying to impress people or chase a man. You have ease and total acceptance of yourself and others, allowing people to choose the path that is best for them.

You trust. You are relaxed, you are light, and you are free.

And so is your partner.

Free to be seen. Free to let your beautiful heart and soul shine without shame.

When it comes to relationships, this is incredibly irresistible to the right man.

This is what the masculine craves at a soul-level: to be free, seen, and loved just as he is. The only way he will feel this is in a relationship is if his partner also embodies this space of emotional safety for herself, meaning, she is free within herself. She feels safe within herself. She is honest and unashamed about who she is, and he can feel that.

When there is emotional safety, hearts open up.

There are few things more painful than feeling like you must hide your heart & soul, who you really are, from the very person you most want and need to connect with.

When we hide, we close our heart. When we close our heart, we cannot to truly connect. Instead, we create attachment from a dimmed-down, shadow version of who we really are. The core belief driving this behavior is, “if they really knew (this about) me, they wouldn’t love me.”

The Truth is that who you really are IS lovable and is also the very thing that will powerfully draw the right person, your soul-mate, to you. When you love and honor who you are, you build relationships based on TRUTH. Based on real love. Relationships built from honesty, openness, and Truth are the ones that will not only stand the test of time, but will deepen with passion and intimacy.

To attract and maintain this kind of relationship, it has to first start from within you. You have to nurture a relationship with yourself of acceptance, patience, and love. Imagine having a relationship with yourself where you took excellent care of your body and your heart. Where you prioritized what you were feeling and cared enough about yourself to understand your core needs & desires. A relationship where you honored your inner child and came to truly understand yourself. A relationship based on true intimacy and respect for your Soul.

When you develop that kind of relationship with yourself, you then understand how to truly love another, and there is nothing more powerful, more enchanting, more fulfilling and magnetic than being with a woman who can love like that.

Like a Goddess ~

there is so much love here~

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