When a Goddess Knows Her Worth

When she's done the Inner Work. The healing work.

When she's worked on her self-esteem.

When she's moved powerfully into her feminine radiance.

She lights up from within.

She glows.

She radiates a joy and a deep internal security.

She is connected. Deeply rooted within her Soul.

Her sense of self, her sense of safety, her sense of love is dependent on NO ONE or NO THING outside of her.

She has an effortlessness to her. A grace.

She lives within an incredible aura of radiance and allure.

Inescapable, undeniable, and powerfully magnetic to the healthy, conscious, evolved, and powerful masculine partner.

On the shadow/flip side, however~

When a Goddess doesn't know her worth.

When she hasn't taken time to heal her heart.

When her sense of self, safety, or her connection to LOVE is dependent on others, or having a man, or  getting outside validation/praise/affirmation/permission/approval, she becomes a mask of herself.

A shadow.

She starts pretending with others, hiding her Truth, over-functioning, constantly giving instead of allowing herself to receive.

Her behavior is driven by a need to "Get" from others the things she is not giving herself.

When a Goddess doesn't know her worth, she masks her insecurity with control, manipulation, demanding behavior, and invulnerability.

She seeks power over people instead of connection.

She pushes people away.

She closes off and becomes cold to affection out of a deep-rooted fear of being rejected or hurt.

She hasn't yet discovered and embraced the beautiful Goddess within.

In truth, this is the case for many women I work with and speak with but it's not a hopeless case at all. Loves, when you work on your heart, your self-esteem, and your innate connection to your Divine Feminine energy, when you begin the journey of self-actualization and empowerment from the love and magic that resides within you...

You heal.

And you also become completely irresistible and magnetic to ALL things.

True love comes in quickly to you, falling at your feet. Mesmerized, hypnotized by you.

This is not something you ever have to TRY to be, it's something you already ARE and your only job is to remove the walls that have kept you from knowing this.

There is so much love here for you ~