The right one is worth waiting for.

The right one is worth learning the lessons for.

The right one is worth doing the damn inner work for.

The right one is worthy of getting you at your BEST.

Just as you want THEM to show up in that way for YOU.

You want them WHOLE & you want them ready.

Ready to stand up for you, pursue you, fight for you, protect you, be at their best for you, cherish you, honor you, and be giving you their 100.

They need that from YOU too.

They want the version of you that is CONFIDENT. That is making her life work. That is showing up for herself, her passions, her purpose, and her CONVICTIONS.

Someone he RESPECTS.

Someone he admires.

Someone he can look at and say, "damn, she's the real deal."

Someone is committed to you and only you 100%.

You BOTH deserve that.

THAT is the kind of love worth waiting for.

It's worth forsaking temporary love for. It's worth leaving the thing you just KNOW in your bones isn't right for you. It's worth forsaking the need for instant gratification for.

To align with the right one, you have to first stop putting yourself through situations that demean you. You have to stop trying to make the wrong thing right. You have to remove yourself from people that you don't respect. You have to start being HONEST with yourself about where you've been settling, sacrificing, and compromising ~ trying to see something that's not there, avoiding the red flags, or hoping that someone MIGHT become what you secretly want them to be.

You have to stop picking up the slack for a partner who is consistently showing you that's he's not willing or capable of meeting your relationship needs.


Know how you deeply, soul-desire to feel in a relationship.

Be with the person who CHOOSES YOU. That is creating space and time for you. That has a CLEAR vision for you. That is investing in you. That is SHOWING you he loves you, desires you, and is pushing this relationship forward.

And most importantly, TRUST YOURSELF. You can absolutely trust yourself. Those little nudges, those feelings, those questions, lean into them. Get curious about them. Trust the way you feel around this person. If you feel at peace, safe, calm, loved, valued, confident with this person, trust that. If you feel tense, anxious, or off in any way, trust that too.

Trust the way you feel when they walk away. Do you feel seen, heard, accepted, and appreciated? Do you feel this person is 100% there for YOU? Or do you feel insecure and confused about where you two stand, obsessing over little details and pining for something that you're just not quite getting?

When you do the work. when you believe, affirm, expect, and STAND FOR what you truly will get it.

That kind of love that is worth the wait.

You deserve the love and relationship of your wildest dreams.

And so it is,

Madeline :)