It started with a less than stellar conversation with a long-time friend. A conversation where I felt completely dismissed.

not seen.

not good.

However, I’ve know that these kind of experiences make ESPECIALLY powerful growth opportunities (and teachings ;)).

It really doesn’t matter what other people are doing or saying, people are going to do and say what they will. You can’t control that.

But you always get a choice.

A choice to choose what’s best for you. A choice to get clear about what you desire and require in relationships.

Whatever you’re choosing is your vibrational setpoint. Your vibrational setpoint is what will determine what you continue to attract.

They’re the very things you allow to remain in your life is exactly what you will keep getting.

If you want to create STELLAR relationships, loving relationships, healthy & harmonious relationships, you have to first get RADICALLY honest about what you desire to experience.

And I warn you, this can be incredibly scary.

It's scary to look at where you are at versus where your heart desires to be.

it's scary to admit when you're not in a relationship that makes you happy, respects you, honors you, or fulfills you because then you have to do something about it.

It's scary to feel vulnerable.

It's scary to move into the unknown.

But here's the thing....

it's also INCREDIBLY empowering. Awareness if the FIRST and most powerful step to creating incredible transformation!

If you know you are not happy, if you know you're settling for less than stellar treatment, you have to be willing to see what is actually happening and what you're truly feeling because you will continue to attract what you continue to tolerate.

You get what you've made normal.

& this is true for everything.

Your current living environment is another perfect example. Is where you live run down and old or is it a beautiful place that you love to invite people over to? The way you live right now is what you've made normal.

With your relationship...Are you being respected? Do you feel fulfilled? Are your emotional needs being met? Do you feel heard, seen, & understood? Do you feel like you can communicate easily with this person?

Are you truly happy?

Don't make it worse but don't make it better, just get honest.

And then, tune in. What is it you desire to feel & experience in your relationships? All of them. Question what you've made normal. Don't be afraid to raise your standards, beautiful.

**Be courageous enough to raise your vibrational setpoint**

Make a new normal for yourself. 💎💋

You deserve to be respected. You deserve to have relationships that honor you, cherish you, are emotionally healthy, and fulfilling. Whatever you want.

If you're not clear on those standards for yourself. You will end up justifying poor behavior and settling for less.

You always get what you expect.


You also get what you're being. So be sure that you TOO are matching the qualities that you seek. Kindness, honesty, integrity, openness, vulnerability, love, generosity, etc.

The standards you put on yourself, the amount of self-care, self-love you have for yourself will match you up with others of that same energy.

So...get clear, lovely.

Get clear on what's really going on in your relationships.

Get clear on what's really going on within you.

And then....create your new normal.

There is SO MUCH love here for you.