Soooo.. I think I finally figured out the secret to having the BEST VALENTINE'S DAY ever!

Have MORE THAN ONE LOVER! mwahahahha ;)

So I'm actually..partially kidding, but this actually manifested for me due to a strange turn of events.

I should emphasize that all this fabulousness that I'm about to share with you manifested effortlessly after about 24 hours of deliberately embodying Goddess Vibes (check out this saucy treat ~ It was creating this meditation that put me on the frequency)

And so here is exactly what happened.

I woke up Valentine's Day morning, literally having no plans. Sorta plans. I thought, maybe I'll go see the new 50 Shades movie with my girlfriend, we had been talking about it..but nothing really came about. To be honest, I woke up yesterday, Valentine's Day, and all I wanted to do was sleep in. So I honored my body. I woke up, had a client call at 10AM, did some work on the amazing You Are So Worthy program, did some social media-ing, because my soul compelled and excited me to do it (always honor your soul desires people!!)..and then I went to sleep.

I woke up around 2 and had a text message from one of my dear friends saying..

vday text

BOOM. Two hot dates. Right then and there. HOLY JESUS, THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!! :)

So..the universe had my Vday evening planned out for me and all I had to do was take a nap. ;) But of course. #Goddessvibes I got up, did some other things. Uploaded my amazing, sensual, how to be alluring and magnetic guided meditation (see above), and got ready to go out and meet my hot dates.

On my way there, I hit crazy traffic, I actually thought I was going to miss the show and was like, "really universe?" All this to miss the damn show? But after tuning in, I kept hearing, "trust, go with the flow. Trust it." I did. I relaxed, enjoyed my (slow ass) ride there, AND THEN SAW THIS!!! Right in front of me. Thank you for the reminder, Universe. Thank you for showing me what frequency I'm on. I love when the universe talks to me through license plates <3

cool license

AND OF COURSE...I ended up getting to the show at the perfect time. I found my loves, sat right down, ordered my drinks (which they did NOT let me pay for, because they are amazing and generous gentlemen), and the show started literally 10 minutes later. Magic. Great seats, no wait, no hassle, free drinks and a great show. It was an amazing night.

front row - comedy club

The main comedian of the night was preaching on self-love/self-acceptance too! I was like, "hell yah girl!"

There was one part of the night, towards the end, where I was thinking, do I owe them something now? Can I really just receive and allow all of this to come to me? I had this conversation in my head where I reminded myself that, "yes, Madeline, it's safe and Divine to receive. Let yourself receive. It's supposed to be fun and easy!" I was so grateful. I allowed it all to manifest without feeling guilty or unworthy or like I needed to do something in return. I just received.

Because here's the thing...The universe WANTS to adore you and pamper you and show you just how treasured and WORTHY you are. When you just allow yourself to receive, you will.

So the night ends, we're laughing, chatting, we end up getting a picture with Tammy (the main act) and walk out to our cars. Once I got back home, I'm walking up to my front door and notice an unexpected and lovely surprise box that read, "ProFlowers." Ohhh myyy..was not expecting this. Who's it from?

I open it up to find flowers and chocolates and a note from my long-distance lover. It made my night. I felt like such a Queen. I felt so adored and I also felt like...but of course. Because life is supposed to feel good. Because I'm worthy. Because I chose this reality.

IMG_4253 2.JPG

And so here's really what I want to share with you. Everything. Everything. Everything.

Everything... from what you focus on, to what you believe, to what you choose to do, feel, vibrate, and manifest is a decision.

A decision to feel good.

A decision to trust.

A decision to be courageous.

A decision to go after that dream. One baby step at a time.

A decision to open your heart even if you've been hurt before.

A decision to find all that's good and right.

A decision to love yourself. Claim your worth.

A decision to say, I can..and I will.

Here's the thing...once you decide, doors open. Ideas come. The universe says, "this way."

There's no right or wrong decision, it's merely a question of, is this what you want? In my case, the question was, "how easily are you willing to receive all of this?" I literally woke up on Valentine's Day not having a clue about what I would do or what would manifest. The ONE THING I did do and correctly, was make the decision to feel good. To follow my guidance (rest). To think specific thoughts and feel them in every part of being. I then got out of my own way and allowed the unfolding to happen...with so much gratitude for every moment.

So, love. What are you deciding?

That's really the only things that matters.

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