In the elusive and everlasting quest to find the meaning of life, I have come upon three absolutes which have been intact since the beginning of time. On the surface, they appear broad and overarching, but when you dig a little deeper, you will understand how each of these absolutes have a profound impact on your success, your relationships, and your entire life.

Absolute 1: Cause and Effect

Everything physical adheres to physical laws. As Newton once stated, "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction." We can use our bodies to easily understand this point. Eat food and you start a chain reaction within your body that converts the food into energy, storage, or waste. 

Same thing with energy. Push a wall and it pushes back, think positive and you will feel positive.

Takeaway: Everything you do causes a reaction.

Absolute 2: Relationships

J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers in their book, A Simpler Way, describe the instinctual urge for relationships with, "There is a great seeking for connections, a desire to organize into more complex systems that include more relationships, more variety. This desire is evident everywhere in the cosmos, at all levels of scale."

Particles are attracted to other particles and so create atoms. Microbes combine with other microbes to create capacities for larger organisms. Stars, galaxies, and solar systems emerge from gaseous clouds that swirl and form into energy and matter. Humans reach out to one another and create families, tribes, and work organizations.

Quite simply, we are programmed to form relationships. And not just humans. There is an instinctual bonding between mothers and babies of animals. This is the same for the survival of any race, species, or culture. It is necessary to create a bond that each member sees a part of themselves within.

Takeaway: Relationships are an impetus of life. Everything from microbes, stars, and galaxies to animals and humans create relationships.

Absolute 3: Love.

Love isn't just for romance. Love also shows up as gratitude, appreciation, joy, enlightenment, empowerment, and forgiveness. It is the flow of love that bonds relationships. It is the flow of love that propagates life. You are giving love when you forgive, you are giving love when you can simply appreciate something. 

It is also important to receive love. An empty jar cannot fill cups and allowing others to give to you helps them become part of the flow too. Love is the energy that builds relationships and inspires us to treat each other in a way that is good to our survival. We take care of our bodies because we love our bodies and we love to live. We take care of our home because we love our home. When we do the things we love, we feel joy and it is joy that heals us. 

Takeaway: Love is the giver of life. We need to give ourselves love and share our love.

It is these three keys; cause and effect, relationships, and love that have helped me to follow and live my dreams. I have been able to create and share my knowledge internationally because I have grasped an understanding of how my life is personally impacted by these three absolutes. If you can take this knowledge and apply it in your own life, it is my promise that you will see your dreams come to pass as well.