It's easy to forget that you are mostly vibration. You have a body, you can see your body, and it's very easy to know yourself as a body. However, before your body, you were vibration. Even in this body, you are mostly vibration. Your body and even this physical world bend to the will of your vibration.

Remember this before you try to fix or do anything. If you feel depleted, beaten down, scared, overwhelmed, or confused, that is an indicator that your vibration needs a little TLC. If you take action in a low vibe, it will only exacerbate the problem. It's like when you get really angry but try to pretend like you're not angry and you hold it in only to lash out at the wrong people because you never resolved your anger. It's also like when you freak out about something and instead of trying to soothe yourself you act out of fear and end up making the situation worse. Don't act from a low vibe, tend to your vibration first.

To help with raising your vibe, have a list of things that always help you to feel better. Meditating, walking in nature, listening to Abraham, dancing, singing, and looking at my vision board are some of my faves. Give yourself permission to *not* have to figure anything out or do anything until you are in a different vibration. Feel better, raise your vibe, and then take action. This is how positive changes are made.

As you continue reaching for better and better feelings, not only will you feel better but your thoughts will change too. Ideas may start coming in, you will be less hard on yourself, you will feel more at peace, your energy levels will increase. *These are your first manifestations.* If you can be OK with not needing physical evidence to appear right away, you will make a significant improvement in your vibration in a relatively short amount of time. Eventually, everything around you will start to change too. People around you may look at you and think, "wow, you're so lucky" but you will know the truth. It's not luck and it's not coincidence, it's you tending to your vibration and letting Law of Attraction fill in the rest.