You are good enough and you are READY... and OF COURSE... it's all going to happen for you.

But not if you're still attached to a story that you can't. Or won't. Or that you're just simply not there yet. Or the world is out to get you...or..whatever.

You have to let that old story go. You have to let the old you die. You have to see yourself new. In a new light. In a new way. You have to see yourself as "there."

And this is really next level let this all sink in.

Being "there" or "reborn" or being a vibrational match to what you want is not about being at the bottom looking up. It's not being on the outside looking.

It's about already being "there." Being on top and worthy and acting from that place.

Which means the old part of you is going to have to die.

Let it die. Let it be done.

Attaching to your old identity, attaching to the old story of "little old me?!?! I can't do that. I'm not there. Or the classic, look at my struggle!! My life has been so hard."

It's gotta go, baby.

We all get shit thrown at us... it's called life. But the thing's now over. It' done. Dead. It's not what is here & now.

Let it be over. Let it die. Let yourself move into your new identity.

And this is true even if your past was GREAT. It's a cliche but IT'S TRUE, people DO get stuck living in the "glory" days only to watch and feel as if their current life is slowly passing by. AND BELIEVE ME, I so get the nostalgia thing... I'm a cancerian afterall ;) BUT I also know that there is so much more that lies ahead of me. So many more good memories, adventures, places to go, people to meet, etc.

Yes, the past happened and it may have been good or it may have been absolute shit. It doesn't matter anymore. It's not about what happened, it's about what you now choose to do with it.

I have someone very close to me who still lives in the pain of the past. Even though it's been 50+ years, she is still recreating the same old story of rejection, insecurity, and abandonment. It pops up in her relationships, in her work, in all parts of her life. Yes, the past did hurt but you don't have to keep repeating it!

Until she realizes that it's not the world that's the problem but her perception of it, she will continue to repeat the struggle. The same OLD story. Until she lets the past DIE, she will hold tightly onto the belief that she is right, and that the world isn't safe, and people are out to get her, and you have to fight for everything.

And of course, that is what she creates, she has the "proof." She attracts it. Repetition compulsion. Instead of using these instances as an opportunity to go within and ask, "why does this keep happening to me?" She holds onto the old story as truth. Her story will not change until she does.

And honestly, it makes me feel sad because I love this person.

and because I know better. I know she can have and DESERVES better.

We all do.

I've experienced magic.

I've seen so much more good than bad.

So much beauty and opportunity.

I know this is a safe universe.

I had to let my old story of struggle die.

I was willing to be wrong.

I asked to have my perception shifted.

I desired so much for a new reality.

and so the old me had to die.

and I was resurrected. Like a phoenix. Born from the ashes. Made anew.

I was led and supported and protected and loved along every part of my path.

I discovered a world of beauty and miracles.

A universe that is safe and loving.

I created a whole new identity.

That I am worthy. That everything is always working out for me. That I can just be me. That abundance is everywhere. THAT IT'S EASY! That I am high-value. That I am worthy. That i have so much good and power and magic inside of me.

that I can't get it wrong

So on and so forth...

And everything shifted accordingly.

But you have to let the past die.


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