The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.
— Albert Einstein

Whether or not Einstein was aware of the Law of Attraction (though I tend to think he was), his question resonates with a core need within all of us, feeling safe. With the Law of Attraction, as you spend most of your time feeling safe, feeling happy, and feeling secure, you will attract a life that reflects the balance of those feelings. This is also a great reminder that as we all become more and more connected with the world, no matter what you may see happening, you have the ability to control the way you think, the way you feel, and ultimately what you attract. When you predominately feel safe, you are creating a sturdy foundation that will allow you to spend less time on fears and more time on dreams, visions, and those things that feel good to you as your pursue them. 

To help you achieve this harmonious place of feeling safe, meditate on or repeat the affirmations below. As you allow yourself to feel it, you project it, and so it will become. 

  • I am safe
  • I am safe in my body
  • I am safe in this world
  • I am safe in this universe
  • I am a magnet to good things
  • Only good flows to me
  • I trust my guidance
  • I trust more and fear less
  • I am grounded and centered
  • There is so much good in this world
  • This world is safe
  • I belong
  • There is so much beauty in this world
  • I am connected to this world
  • I am connected this this universe
  • The universe supports my every desire
  • The universe support my every need and desire
  • I feel loved
  • I am at peace with the physical world
  • I am at peace with material
  • I am at peace within myself
  • I have a healthy foundation
  • I feel secure in who I am
  • It is safe to be me
  • It is safe to trust
  • I trust myself
  • There is always a way
  • I always find a solution
  • This universe is limitless
  • I am limitless
  • I am unbound
  • This world is a safe and nurturing place
  • There is so much good in this world
  • I attract only good things
  • I love myself
  • It is safe to say no
  • I have healthy boundaries for myself
  • All my fears float away
  • I meditate on all that is right and all that is good
  • It is safe to explore
  • It is safe to adventure
  • It is safe to be myself
  • It is safe to care
  • I am safe in this body
  • It is safe to be different
  • It is good to be different
  • I have big dreams and big expectations
  • It is safe to dream
  • My wildest desires are completely supported by the universe
  • I am safe

As with anything, make it your own. Use the affirmations that feel good to you and simply leave the rest behind. Happy creating! :)