Just let go. Release control.

& let the ride begin!

I'm so feeling the newness of NOW. The newness of summer approaching. The newness of MYSELF. I missed this version of me. I let myself get way too in my head about mundane, earthly, 3d bullshit again. Ughhh...it's so easy to fall into the control trap. Feeling like you need to know where everything is going, feeling like you need to hold onto things...PEOPLE.

I'm releasing the death grip....slowly but surely.

I must admit, I have mixed bag of feelings about this moment. There is a slight twinge of fear and sadness as I release but there's also this beautiful, innocent twinkling of wonder and eager curiosity at getting a brand new opportunity to start again.

It's a process we ALL will go through. Birth, Death, & Re-Birth.

And so, if we are to enjoy this whole life thing, the whole process and cycle, we have to CHOOSE to enjoy the ride. We choose to learn the lessons from the past, appreciate the experience, and move forward with a grateful heart.

I have seen things that I don't need to see anymore.

I have experienced things that I no longer wish to keep bringing back into my experience.

I'm ready to release it all.

And with the release of attachment, you also release the suffering associated with it. The reason people suffer is not because we desire. Desire is NATURAL. We desire for health, for wellness, for love, for nourishment, to create, to play, to EXPERIENCE. Where suffering gets introduced is when we cannot detach from the form in which these things must come. When we try to control the who, the where, when, the outcome, it hurts. It's an impossible task.

Instead, we must learn to FLOW.

Just as the universe does.

Loving and appreciating when our stuff comes in and detaching from it when it flows out.

And honestly...you really don't want to control the outcome anyway. Where would the fun in that be?

You didn't come here to control outcomes...you came here to EXPERIENCE! You came here to be surprised and delighted as you co-create with the entire universe!

When you work with the universe, when you trust in a Higher vision, a Higher plan, you will NEVER be led astray. Everything really is ALWAYS working out for you.

You need not hold onto anything.

Or anyone.

Because THAT is not your Source or your Supply.

Keep your heart on your treasures in Spirit.

To the unmanifested energy that is waiting to be born and experienced by you.

Trust that what you want will not pass you.

Be in the flow. Release control. Know that everything is always always always working out for you.

Say that aloud! Type it, write it, SPEAK IT!

Remind yourself that it is EASY to release. It's easy AND FUN to flow with the universe. To allow the journey to unfold.

It is only JUST BEGINNING for you, love.

Enjoy the ride~