What is going on when we feel suffocated in relationships? Or we feel this undercurrent of anxiety and the feeling of wanting to just run away from the world...?

For many, it's not actually about running TO something but running FROM the fear of being used, not seen, not loved, and rejected.

When we feel like the people we are with don't really see us or are only in love with our masks (successes, looks, performance, what we can do), don't really care about who we are, or don't value us.. it is extremely heavy.

It's suffocating.

Your soul desires to be seen and accepted in its ENTIRETY.

In its TRUTH

its perceptions

in its dislikes

its desires




in its fears

its beauty

& in its brilliance.

It doesn't want to have to perform, stay silent, jump through hoops, pretend. I doesn't want to be shut down, invalidated, and abandoned.

You cannot breathe when your Soul feels abandoned.

When you have learned to hide your Self, you have forced yourself into a cage. You begin to spiral into the fear of "they will keep taking and taking. They will use me, abuse me, discard me. They don't see me, they don't really care. I am not loved."

The very remedy to this anxiety is FREEDOM. Soul Freedom.

Many try to find that freedom through addiction. Shadow freedom.

But that never gives you what you're looking for. You keep searching and searching, needing more and more.

Soul freedom is FULL and utter acceptance Self. As you are right now.

Acceptance of your deepest callings and passions.

The Soul desires to be seen, to be loved, and to be one with itself.

What does this mean?

It means you listen to your Self.

You talk with your Self.

You speak your Truth.

It means you remain empowered in your daily choices.

It means you have a right to be recognized as a unique and sovereign entity.

It means you live from Purpose.

The feeling of being suffocated means you must come back to YOU and take an honest look at where you are rejecting yourself, suppressing yourself, caging yourself...

Only when you see, validate, accept, and love your Self can you integrate this INTERNAL FREEDOM into all of your relationships and encounters. Until then, you will continue to run, run, run, seeking the freedom that can only ever come from within.

So much love ~


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