so I had a little thing happen to me the other day..

you can actually see it for yourself, it was caught live on camera and I’ve left the video up.

Anyway, I had just finished doing a really clear Goddess message. I was in the zone and at the end of an almost 20 minute Livestream when, all of sudden, I heard a loud hissing sound come from behind me.

It was a goose. This goose. Staring at me, yelling at me, basically telling me to move.

It scared the bejeezus out of me, mostly because I was not expecting it, I was in a completely different space AND I was already sensitive to it because I was getting harassed by a flock geese just before starting the Livestream. (my livestreams get wild sometimes ya’ll!)

I had some people telling me that the goose just wanted food, I had other people making comments about, “you’re scared of geese?!”

None of them really knew what was going on, though.

I didn’t know what was going on initially either, which is why my first reaction was to decide that this goose was just being a d***.

And how often do we ALL do this. Not necessarily with geese but with each other. We get triggered, we get scared, we get hurt, we get reactive, and we start throwing around judgements like confetti.

“Girl…run for your life, that man is a narcissist!!”

“Oh, she’s just jealous of you.”

“That person is a loser. They aren’t going anywhere.”

“What a _____”

“Men are such… (dogs)”

“Women are all…(shallow golddiggers)”

It happens all the time. It’s lazy, low-quality, thinking.

Judgement’s are reactions from pain or fear as opposed to rational, intelligent thought.

When we stop judging, we then create space for understanding.

What I ended up discovering afterwards was that this goose was neither a d*** NOR was he/she looking for food. He was protecting a nest of babies.

It was actually very sweet and of the highest good what this goose was doing. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the beauty of nature and how we all instinctually value our babies and the survival of our own species. It’s an existential love.

It was deeply moving for me.

…And eye-opening because, the more we evolve towards higher understanding and greater love, the less we are led by judgement and reactivity. We find ourselves instead being led by compassion, non-judgment, and a desire to be of service to others.

It’s easy to throw out labels and names and judgements. It’s easy to be irresponsible with what you say. It’s easy to be lazy in our thinking. It’s of a higher order to ponder on a situation. To feel into another’s heart, walk in their shoes, understand their perspective as opposed to judging them.

Thinking well leads to clarity. It also leads to connection, empathy, healing, bonding, and growth.

It’s what you deserve to give yourself too!

How often and easily to we judge ourselves. Our success. Our bodies. Our talents. Our family, friends, home, bank accounts..

These judgements could all be true or they could not. The only way to know is by actually seeking to understand. To sit with yourself, with your judgements, with your emotions, and say, “I see you and I am here with you. I accept you.”

This is the moment of grace.

This is the starting point for ALL change.

The moment you accept where you are at is the moment peace comes in. Clarity comes in. The heart opens and the body breathes more deeply. Compassion, understanding, and total acceptance have always been the gateway to growth. Quite the paradox, wouldn’t you say?

It’s true with you and it’s true in relationships.

Instead of judging what someone should or shouldn’t be doing, which creates disconnect, we can decide to understand why. Intimacy comes from actually seeing the other. You can’t see the other if you are layering them with judgment.

I would not have been able to see what a beautiful and profound thing the geese was doing unless I chose to understand why he was doing it…. or she.

There is always a reason

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