I’m sooo beeyyoonndd excited and in desperate need of my travel time. Travel has become one of those things that I have decided just gets to happen in my life.

because I KNOW I AM creating this thing

I get to decide what is non-negotiable. What is realistic. What is part of the fabric of my life and who I am.

and somehow..someway…the universe always delivers.

And really, this is how the whole universe, spiritual, quantum reality, speak your life into existence thing works. You get to a real, deep, & emotional place where you are like.. “Eff this, Universe.. make this work! This HAS to happen. This WILL happen and I don’t care how.” And the universe responds, “OK...let’s re-arrange things to make sure that happens. This or something better.”

and I have to tell you…

Every year, as I look back at the year prior, I ALWAYS think, “Damnn…wow” because I always begin the year wondering and completely anticipating all the amazing things that are going to happen.

I always anticipate that I’m going to see things I’ve never seen before, I’m going to go to places I’ve never been before.

I’m going to meet people that blow my mind, that up-level me, that make me want to be better, stronger, faster, more heart-centered, deeper, real.

I keep learning

I keep growing

I keep getting better..and looking better

and just.. falling more in love and feeling so much more confident with the TRUTH that the universe has my back because honestly, I set big goals. Last year I invested more money and energy and risks in myself, my growth, my mindset, & my business than I EVER had

I traveled further and more than I ever had

I doubled my income

met AMAZING people.

found a profound connection with a soulmate

watched, prayed, loved, and sang to a soul during their transition

saw miracles happen

and just kept leaping

I was committed to changing and up-leveling and pushing myself to my edge. I was ready for whatever it WAS going to take because more than anything, I was and AM committed to growing and experiencing life in ways that continues to excite me, elevate me, and expand me like a mofo.

ya know what I’m sayin; ;)

And so here is my $.02 as I reflect, ponder, meditate, and connect with my Truth.

Your magic is right HERE.

Magic, life, the universe is always always always finding it’s way to you through any and every way it knows how. Just like nature always seems to find it’s way through the cracks.

If you can create the tiniest, smallest, most humble of spaces for the magic to come through, whether it’s trying a new route to work, applying for a job or a promotion that you’re afraid is way out of your reach, investing in yourself, trying out new thoughts, new clothes, putting yourself back out into the dating scene.

Wherever you can create space for some magic to tip-toe inDO IT. Because the universe is waiting to meet you there.

And so, my beautiful soul friend, as I get ready & packed up for my first grand adventure this year, I am fully expecting all the magic. I am making space for all the magic and I keep looking back and loving on all the magic that has already happened in my life.

I could have NEVER figured out HOW this magic would happen in a million years. But that’s not my job anyway.

My job is to create the space. To raise my vibe. To expect that the universe ALWAYS gots my back. To affirm and notice how things really do keep getting better.

My job is my mindset, my well-being, my actions, my alignment. My job is the stuff I can control. The rest is a universe thang.

It’s a God thing. It’s a covenant to you, your family, your friends, and your ancestors made long long longgggg ago

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a fure.’” ~ The Bible

This is biblical people!

But it’s also something you have to actually believe and let sink in. Which means. It has to be something you completely vibe with. You have to feel it in your bones and let it be true NO MATTER WHAT may or may not be happening around you. #perseverance

You have to vibe it, think it, speak it, know it, feel it, love it, BE IT.

This is absolute TRUTH for me….and it keeps getting better.


raise your frequency.png

I’m feeling all the vibes post mercury in retrograde and I’m gearing up to release an EPIC, day-by-day, step-by-step, coaching guide to re-arranging your energy, your mindset, elevate your FREQUENCY, so you are not only feeling the TRUTH of expansion & love & abundance in your bones but you are SEEING it manifest all around you. It’s going to be SOOOOO good. This is my specialty & my FAVORITE things to teach.

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