there is a stream

a current

…an energy that is flowing and moving at warp speed all around you.

it’s an energy stream ripe with potential, ingenius ideas, absolute health, healing, vitality, love, wealth, and momentum.

and within this stream is the version of you that is and has ALL the things you most desire.

sounds almost too good to be true, right? … it’s not.

it’s the very thing our greatest inventors, creators, scientists, speakers, teachers, artists, movers and shakers of our time have all tapped into. It’s that place where new technologies & ideas await us…. unmanifested.

it’s something you’ve been told about for thousands of years.

and it’s the very thing that ignites a remembrance within you.

and so… getting tapped into this stream is where it’s at, my friend.

Getting into this stream is where you will strike your GOLD.

and you tap into this stream by, first, acknowledging that it’s there

and then you get veryyyyy still…

you quiet your mind and tune in. You feel your heart beating and your teeth begin to buzz. You sense your body becoming lighter, your vibration is rising, and resistance falls away as you slip into that space of receiving.

and then….you start asking questions.

that deeper part of you, the part of you that contains all your potential will begin responding to your questions. It will flow through you, it will LIGHT YOU UP, morph the way you look at things, and shift the way you act so you can tap into the parts of yourself that are not yet developed.

You are tapping into the HIGHEST version of yourself.

You are sending a clear signal to the universe and every molecule in your being is vibrating around this.

You can feel it.

The energy shifts, you feel the excitement, you start getting ideas, trying new things, talking to new people, putting yourself out there.

You are being guided.

You notice the momentum increasing with every step you take.

you are elevating, flowing, & flying

you have hit GOLD.

and this is how it’s done for everyone.

One question, one moment, one step at a time.

so…tune in… what messages and guidance and MAGIC are you receiving right now?

mother wounds(2).png

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