There will come a time when you need to remember that the power to click things back into place lies within you.

It’s about what’s going on inside of you.

It’s about returning to joy.

It’s training yourself to take the focus off of what’s going on around you, what may not be working, and what others are doing, and INSTEAD, putting all that focus back onto YOU. Back into your power of CREATION.

Remembering that the path you are on is because of the choices you make. Only you can walk this path.

You have to stop letting the world dictate what you do, how you feel about yourself, what you put in your body, what kinds of things you buy.

You have to get empowered for your own life’s sake. Make your own decisions and be convicted in them.

You’re going to get the hard knocks, the jabs, the TKO’s, the detours, & the distractions.

You’re gonna end up in a place that feels far from home

far from anything you ever knew

and possibly far from anything you actually want

and in that moment

you just acknowledge it.

You feel it.

and then…

you get really clear on what you want.

and you choose purposefully…

for instance ~

when you start feeling scared because bills are coming in and the flow of money has been slowing down and you realize you are moving into a vibration of fear, insecurity, & panic

you have to choose to feel differently.

"I want to feel safe. I want to feel deeply at ease. I want to feel the flow of money pouring in all over me. I want to feel RICH. I want to feel OVERFLOWING with resources, and money, and options, and whatever else.”

You get in the vibe and then you move forward.

Align AND THEN take action.

When your steps come from alignment, from a feeling of expansion, excitement, peace, confidence, & flow, you can be sure you are walking down the path that will most serve you.

Another scenario ~

Let’s say you’re wanting to attract a relationship but all the fears and insecurities and doubts are coming through. “What if I cant? What if I’m being punished for all my past mistakes. What if I don’t deserve a relationship because I did these terrible things? What if no one wants me?”

What vibe are you sitting in?

because that vibe is going to attract more thoughts that will convince you that you’re right. That you can’t, you won’t, you’re bad, you’re not enough.

beliefs are DESIGNED to perpetuate themselves AND they will pull in a W I D E array of ways to convince you to hold onto them.

know this.

Detach from your thoughts. They do not belong to you. You are simply witnessing them, choosing them, and allowing them to come alive though you.

You can choose your thoughts at any given time.

it’s a shift that can be as simple as realizing, “Ok, I’m really scared right now, AND I NOW choose to be courageous."

“I’m not feeling so hot right now but I choose to have fun anyway.”

“Ok, all my insecurities are popping up but Ima choose deep internal peace instead.”

“I don’t know if anyone is going to like this, but I choose to trust my message.”

you have to consciously choose the vibe and thoughts you want.

you have to lock it in

you have to make it real despite what may be happening around you at this very moment

you have to be willing to allow your internal state to be the most important thing.

and then you have to trust that it’s really working magic for you.

You have to start knowing and feeling in your bones that you are powerful, lovable, magnetic, incredible, gorgeous, fun, rich, strong, and healthy.

You gotta own it, baby!

No matter how lost or confused or far off track you may feel, getting back on track is simple.

Reach for JOY, sit in that vibe, and watch how quickly this world shifts and flows to bring you anything and everything you want.

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