Beliefs are funny…

If you truly believe that the Law of Attraction is real, you will find more evidence to prove yourself correct.

And if you don’t. If you struggle to believe in this “magical” concept of thoughts becoming things, reality being created and formed based on what’s going on within YOU…well, you will find more evidence to prove yourself correct.

So whether you believe in it or not, you’re right.

Whether you believe your life can be epic, flowy, abundant, hot, sexy, rich, healthy, & just somehow always magically working out for you…you’re right.

and so, my love, it’s up to you to get brutally honest with yourself.

WE ALL need that come to Jesus moment where we take a good, hard, honest look within and ask ourselves, “what am I actually believing here?”

Why am I making this so hard?

Why don’t I actually believe in this?

Why do I NOT want to believe in this?

What DO I actually believe in?

Because I promise you….you believe in SOMETHING.

and that something is exactly what will continue to be true for you. There’s no way around it.

Your brain is literally designed to make yourself CORRECT.

The more you think something, the more you believe it, and the more hard-wired (literally) it becomes in you.

BUT, once you discover the nature of this reality, of this universe, and of how you were built, you can then begin ANY kind of transformation that you desire. #faithassmallasamustardseed

if you can begin to believe the littlest thing, if you can just start where you’re at… with things you CAN get behind, it will KEEP getting easier and easier to shift upwards.

“yes, i believe can find a job…a better job..and job I’m wildly in love with…etc”

“Yes, i can find love someday…I can attract love easily….I can attract a DREAM relationship!”

“I’m open to money being easy….money can come easily…money can come while I sleep…money can come through joy….. OMG money KEEPS flowing and it keeps INCREASING in my life, where is all this money coming from?!…etc”

Do you see what’s happening here?

It doesn’t take much at all to begin to turn things around.

Even if you don’t totally believe in the BIG picture yet, there IS something you can fully get behind and build from.

and maybe that something is like..”well, it could be possible…

I could have massive success in my biz

I could have my dream body

and it could even be fun..”

and so you start trying things, looking up things, committing to yourself, putting yourself out there, going to the gym and lifting a little more each day.

You start opening yourself up to more people. more ideas, and more activities. You start to feel better, look better, and flow better.

and you’re not even realizing how much you’re actually changing until one day you turn around and realize, “holy sh*% when did all this happen?

Of course the opposite can be true as well… when things just sorta go down drain…

and so it comes back to you, back to what you actually believe, what you’re focusing on, telling yourself, expecting, and DOING. Daily.

and you don’t have to get fully behind believing in supernatural magic to have epic transformations either!

though…you could. ;)

You COULD believe in things like:

your ability to manifest things out of thin air

to always get the right help



perfect timing

good luck

always hearing the message you needed to hear right when you needed to hear it

..but you don’t have to.

all you need is the belief in something you CAN get behind.

and then make THAT normal

begin to EXPECT it on the reg.

ACT as someone who actually believes in it..and herself.

and do the damn thing.

Eventually, one day, you will turn around and realize just how much has changed by that one belief adjustment.

And it will KEEP getting EASIER shift your beliefs to something bigger and better as you go. #expansionbaby

Each shift makes the new shift that much more easy.

let’s make magic~