One of my favorite manifesting phrases that I put into everything and anything is, “it’s easy and fun.” Whatever I’ve decided to manifest, I’ve also decided that the manifesting of it going to be easy and fun

…and of course.

Of course it’s all going to work out for me.

Of course it’s going to be fun and easy.

when you tune in and operate from Soul, it’s supposed to be easy. When you tune into Soul, EVERYTHING flows through the highest, most efficient, and easiest path.

But you have to choose it, it’s a choice to tune into Soul, it’s a choice to want to vibrate a certain way, and expect a certain outcome.

It’s a choice that, while it makes like so much easier, 99% of the doesn’t choose.

They’re operating unconsciously. Not fully awake. Not fully tuned in and expereincing a completely non-magic, mediocre kinda experience because of it.

Let me just tell you..You were BORN to experience magic

you ARE magic.

And really, there’s nothing that special about it.

The supernatural IS the natural and so, accessing it is natural.. and easy.

it’s not hard, it’s just not common.

Don’t buy into any story that says it’s hard to access soul. Your soul is ALWAYS there.

Ask for the connection


There is nothing that your Soul cannot be, do, have, support you with, whatever.

Ask your soul!

This has been part of my Higher Self training lately. Whatever I need help with, I ask my Soul for.

Whenever I have a question that is beyond my realm of understanding, I ask my Soul.

“How do you see this? Give me the answer, show me the way.”

Whenever I need an energetic up-liftment, I ask Soul.

“Help me, lift me, support me.”

Manifestation stuff, I ask Soul, “Give me this. Show me the way.”

ask Soul, ask Soul, ask Soul.

The more you tune into your Soul, the more you vibrate with Soul.

The more you vibrate with Soul, the more you are training your mind, emotions, and the very cells in your body to vibrate at that higher rate.

A supernatural frequency.

That’s what ascension is all about. Raising your energy.

Transcending the 3d and fully integrating your body and your Soul.

Bringing to heaven to earth.

Soul to the body.

Accessing that deep connectedness Source.

That’s how you become the lit up, vibrant, radiant, gorgeous, magic AF, expanded being that you’re meant to be.

When you’re not allowing the life and energy and juice of pure SOUL to move through you’re body, you become more a shallow, dried up versino of yourself that is no good to anyone or anything, to include yourself.

and your life manfiestats as a refelction of that




missing it’s richness and magic.

Simply ask for the connection.

Ask to feel your Soul, feel it’s power, It’s vibrancy.

Ask to be shown the way, to see through ITS eyes, feel as it feels.

And watch how the magic unfolds all around you

because it really is that easy and fun.

i love you~