Why are you here?

That's the question that's going to save you.

not a man

not a woman

not a relationship

not the money

those things come and go

those things are hot and cold

they can't save you.

you have to figure out how to save yourself.

from the boredom.

the low-vibe.

the pointless-ness of it all.

or whatever else you think you need saving from.

You have to figure out how to keep yourself steady.

You've gotta plant your roots in the things that will sustain you.

and I know I know..I can feel your side eye.

because wtf does that actually MEAN??? right?

Just give me the answer, Madeline!

Yes, I can hear you.

And so this is where you gotta do the work to get the answer because I can't give you that answer.

I can tell you that you don't want to keep chasing after stupid sh** all your life.

You don't wanna keep waiting for something...or someone...

externalizing your own happiness.

slowly spiraling down.

I can DEFINITELY tell you that much.

When you finally get that there's a not a person, thing, or amount of money in the world that can save you.

You gotta go back to the basics and ask yourself

"What am I actually looking for?"

have you ever ACTUALLY asked yourself that before?

What is it that you actually want?

what is that thingggggg.....trick word here....what is that thing that will finally put you at peace?

what is that thing that will finally tell you, "ok...all good here"?

what is that thing that will have life finally making sense?

what is that thing..that..once you get it, everything will finally be sorted out?

what is it????

what are you really chasing?

Is it the relationship? Will the relationship FINALLY make you happy? Will it give you peace? Because you've had relationships before. All kinds of relationships. Were they the answer to your prayers? Did life stop there? Did all the worries go away?


I know you know the answer to that.

Or how about..when the money came!?

yeah...that always feels good

that feels reallllll good ;)

but then ...it left

and then it came again

and then when you finally got it figured out...what did you want then?

what is it you're chasing?

Have you let yourself sit in the unknown with this question?

because that's where you're going to find the answer

when you create space to ask the real questions.

that's when the answer comes.

So....what are you seeking?

Journal on it.

you may be surprised at what comes out of you.

I love you~