Your goal is alignment.

Not the thing you think will get you into alignment.

But alignment. Period.

It’s bringing the light that is within you, the light that IS you, out.

You are here to remember that YOU ARE LIGHT and you can experience this reality ON THE REG.

There is nothing more powerful than being the light.

Yes…this is an actual thing. It’s not science fiction/woo-woo/fairy-tale stuff. It’s real and it’s available for the choosing right now.

There is nothing more significant, nothing more transformative, nothing more healing, and inspirational then being the light.

Which means getting curious.

Getting inventive.

Choosing to show up with passion and enthusiasm.

Expressing what’s deep within your heart; your message, your voice, your gift, your energy. The things that feel meaningful to you.

Speaking your truth because it is YOUR truth and it feels good to do so.

Knowing that you’re worth it.

You’re worth having a place in the world. Being seen. Being here. Being heard.

It means being deeply connected in the moment.

to touch

to taste

to sight

to sound

to falling in love with the whole experience

all of it

even disagreeing

to have an opposing view

to have a different perspective

to have the wisdom that understands we’re all coming to our own conclusions and desires and preferences.

It means writing in a way that feels easy and fun.

even if it may be grammatically appalling to some ;)

it’s an expression of you

and it’s valid

it means dropping the walls and barriers you’ve put around yourself.

Being a little more vulnerable.

a little softer

a little more open

a little more secure

When you master your light you shine like a diamond.

Like a star.

And the whole world takes notice.

When you become the light, radiant from within, you are vibrating in a space of ABUNDANCE.

Of flow


and from this place

there is no-thing that can be withheld from you.

Seek first alignment, shine bright like a diamond, and all your desires will be drawn unto you~

~ love ~ Madeline

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