I never lost that part of me.

I never lost the part of me that stayed curious, that stayed in wonderment and desire and fantasy.

I never really succumbed to outside pressures and expectations.

I never felt the need to "grow up."

Some have said, "well that's ridiculous. You neeeed to grow up. You need to be..."



more like her

or him.

But I never felt that way. I always hated the feeling of comparing myself to others. Even when I would struggle with insecurity, self-doubt, and the like, I still never felt that there was something inherently wrong with me. I always felt like, "well...they just don't understand me. They don't get it. It really is all ok."

Even in my elementary days, I always remember having that voice.

The voice that taught me to make affirmation cards when I was 9 years old and feeling isolated from my peers.

The voice that kept my intuition 2 steps ahead of most of the people around me. I would be so excited or intrigued about something that NO ONE would understand or care about...until years later. I always remembered feeling like.."I KNEW it!!"

Whether it's my soul or my guardian angel...I've always had that voice.

Guiding me.

Reminding me that I am special.

I am loved.

I am perfect just the way I am.

Perhaps you have a similar voice as well???

You see...we are in this life thing together.

We are alllll trying to figure it out.

Step by step, day by day.

we're coming into a greater understanding of ourselves.

Learning to embrace the inner child that will never leave us.

It's the part of you that will always desire to experience, and play, and adventure, and see more, and do more, and love more, and reach out and just...


be alive

with a new energy

a new mindset

a new day.

Where the body is fresh

the soul is fresh

and you're existing in a moment where you don't have to keep looking back.

You let it all go.

Breaking free from the pressure, the heaviness, the disappointments, and the expectations.

Forgiving and letting go so you can create space and an open-heart for the new.

In honor of our New Moon, let's declare that we are ready TODAY!

We are open receive

Open for something new

something unexpected

something unpredictable

something so completely magical. something that will take our breath away. wOnDeRmeNt, amazement, magic, love, fantasy, adventure. None of that lies in past.

It all lies just ahead.

And yes, it's ok to be a little unsure..and scared..and anxious

but go forth anyway

because you must. because you have no choice..

but also because.... you love it.

we love it all!

and we could never settle for anything less.

It's time to receive the magic that awaits you on the other side~ I love you~

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