Imagine this...

You.. 6 months ago..

... you decided that every day you would follow your heart. Every day, you listened and followed those little inner nudges. You trusted yourself, you took those leaps, you acted in faith, you began doing the things you're passionate about, you took daily baby-steps.

Imagine, 6 months ago..

You began following your intuition. You went to that concert, you went on that adventure, you started putting yourself out into the world, you started meeting new people, you started caring less about what other people thought or said or did.


You did the Inner Work a daily NON-NEGOTIABLE. You followed your HELLLLSS YESSS, you started being in the moment, you started checking in with yourself, tuning in to how YOU feel and what YOU need & want.


You made a daily practice of cultivating self-confidence. You gave yourself FULL PERMISSION to live life the way you deem worthy. You started ignoring the ways of the world and you started honoring what it is YOU need and desire and require from life.

Imagine if you fully trusted yourself to make the right decisions for you. You trusted your core, your intuition. You just trusted that life was always meant to feel good and you trusted the feeling, you trusted the journey, you trusted every step in the process.

What would your life be like today?

Would you be in a place of greater passion? Peace, ease, abundance?

Anddddd...What do you think your life would be like by the end of 2018 if you started doing that NOW?

The truth is this~ you are co-creating this whole thing. This life thing. This story. The universe is perfect and PERFECTLY creates your world from your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, visions, and energy. You can call in ANYTHING. When you focus on what you want, when you hold steady to your dreams, when you expect magic and miracles and things to work out in your favor...they will. When you live and love and move from alignment, from flow, and from the direction of your Higher Self, all good things will come to you. They must. That is spiritual law.

you are blessed and abundant beyond comprehension.

love you~

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