So I have this thing about me...I'm...shall we say...flamboyant(??).


Lots of energy.

I move my hands a lot and play with my hair.

It's sorta my thing.

It's something that, every now and then, I'll get called out on...or rather, criticized for.

And there was a time where that would've affected me.

The people-pleasing neurosis was stronnngggg with me...

But I've learned what it means when you actually start accepting YOURSELF.

It means that not everyone is going to get you

Or like you

Or vibe with you.

And I have to be honest. I kinda get excited now when I see someone having a strong reaction to me because there's a couple of things going on here...

1) The reason we respond or DON'T respond to certain people has everything to with US and NOTHING to do with the other person. Understanding OUR OWN triggers is a major way we can begin SELF-AWARENESS/SELF-REFLECTION on why this thing bothers us so much. What kinds of stories/judgments have we got goin' on underneath the surface...

...and how are they actually affecting OURSELVES...

One of my all-time favorite Abraham quotes is "People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you."

people will love you.jpg

When someone is triggered by me, I KNOW that whether they realize it or not, I'm allowing them to wake up on some kind of level.

I'm also giving them permission to be just as they are too.

Because I'm giving MYSELF permission to be just as I am.

2) The second reason I LOVE these kinds of reactions, it shows me MY own growth. The less and less I care about the opinions of others, the more I realize how much my Inner Work is actually working. It's SOOOO FREEING to not give two shits. To just be who you are.

I'm not for everyone. I was never intended to be. I'm ok with that.

When you are being WHO YOU REALLY ARE, you will be polarizing.

On the opposite end of that spectrum...when you're trying to please everyone, your energy becomes diffuse and less potent. AKA ~ you weaken/disempower YOURSELF.

HOWEVER, when you're showing up FULLY as yourself, paying more attention to how you feel and less attention to the people around you, the more POWERFUL you are. The more sh** you get done. The happier you feel. The better your life becomes. We're talking about alignment here, people. It's critical.

When you're being AUTHENTIC, you will draw the RIGHT people to you more easily and you will repel the WRONG people away.

There is nothing that will weigh you down more than trying to change yourself or jump through hoops for people that are NOT in alignment for you. You just can't. Don't do that to yourself.

Love yourself more than you love approval.

Embrace ALL these experiences. Embrace all the people for the lessons and growth the give to you. It really isn't a personal's an energy thing.

As you allow WRONG things/people/situations to "reject" you or rather, fall away, the energetic bandwidth you will have for the people/situations that make your heart SING! The people that totally get you, and love you, and uplift you. All in all, rejection is actually a really really good thing.

And I love your courage.

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