You're allowed to find your footing

You're allowed to wobble

You're allowed to not be sure of exactly what to say

You're allowed to make a mistake

And not quite know yourself yet

or not quite mastered your own voice.

It's OK to find your own voice.

It's ok to learn from others.

To thrive from the shoulder's of giants.

It's OK to not have it all figured out

It's ok to still be trying.

It's a really good thing when your heart is set on simply wanting to be better.

Desiring/intending/moving towards your Highest good.

Intending to find your voice.

Your place in this world.

It's ok. :)

It's good.

You're allowed to find your footing.

In fact, that's the only you will.

By seeking.

By playing.


Staying curious

Staying light.

Trying things. Failing. Falling.

And then flying, soaring, succeeding!

Finding what feels right for you.

It's ok to find your footing.

And until you do

Enjoy the process of finding it.

Better to try and fail

Than to have never tried at all.

....or something like that ;)

I'm proud of you for trying~

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