"I don't wannnna...no no no. I don't wanna. I feel like poo, I'm pretty sure I look like poo, and I'm wearing the same clothes from yesterday that I also slept in" were my exact thoughts this morning. This morning was pure resistance to doing the Inner Work and..basically...life.

And while I could (and did) totally blame this on staying up till 4  IN THE MORNING talking AND while I could also say that the talking extravaganza was "purposeless," I ACTUALLY know that

  1. NOTHING that fills your soul is purposeless

  2. It's all just an excuse anyway.

There is NEVER a good reason to not get your vibe right. Your vibe is EVERYTHING.

This morning was the PERFECT example of what happens when you don't do the only job you have. This is what I mean...

So I woke up this morning...ish...NOT wanting to do the damn work. Not wanting to consciously, deliberately, POWERFULLY call in the most epic, beautiful day ever. Because that IS what you're doing when you do this work. Yeah, Inner Work is good for figuring some shtuff out, processing old shtuff, but MOSTLY, it's about becoming aware. It's about becoming aware of yourself, your vibe, and your knee-jerk responses to life. You tune in to WHAT you're actually thinking, feeling, and WHY your life is manifesting the way it is.

Here's what happened to me~

I woke up in total resistance, contemplating doing the work and then INSTEAD, deciding to get a smoothie.

I got stuck behind every slow driver, every red light, my gas dropped to E (oops), and while nothing terribly bad happened, it all just felt so clunky. Clunky sucks so bad when you're used to FLOW. Thennnn, I got to the smoothie place and, let me tell you, I have NEVER had to sit in a line at this smoothie place at 10am. NEVER. Guess what...THERE WAS A LINE!! A long line. And yes I know, #firstworldproblems but THAT'S NOT THE POINT. It's not about how you're doing relative to someone else. It's about realizing that YOU'RE CREATING THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW! #getwoke

I was creating this.

I was creating every line, every block, every light, and getting behind every slow person on the road. I was the one responsible for this clunky @$* reality. So, if I'm gonna be creating this show, I want it to at least be a damn good one. I know how this thing works, I HAVE created incredible moments of adventure, magic, flow, love, abundance, passion, all the good things. I know what's it like and I know exactly how to do it, AND YET...I still have those days where I just don't wannaaaa.

So...what did I do? I got the message. Every slow person I got stuck behind was telling me to slow down and TUNE IN.

Every red light, every long line, all a message from the universe telling me, "Madeline, you're blocking yourself. Stop. TUNE IN. Smooth yourself out....we love you so much" ;)

Ok ok ok, I hear you.

As soon as I got home, I committed to doing the Inner Work. I committed to getting my vibe right. I rampaged. I gave ALL the gratitude for my life, how much I love it, how much I LOVE my gorgeous students in Vortex right now. I started feeling into pure positive vibes around how AMAZING it is that I get to be a part of this world of conscious/woke af manifestors. It's incredible.

I was also super grateful to be getting the message early...when it's just red lights and slow drivers and not when I'm knocked to the floor, writhing in despair and hopelessness....as I had experienced once upon a time.

I got the message and then I did the work.

I felt and saw things shift immediately.

My next stop was my morning Mermaid Juice (i.e. starbucks)..and as soon as I walked in, NO LINE. #ofcourse As I'm waiting for my coffee, the baristas, for whatever reason, felt compelled to compliment my dress (thank you so much!). After my mermaid pitstop, I went to fill up my tank. As I'm doing so, I'm approached by some guy who was trying to sell me some car cleaning spray thing (I actually have no idea what it was) and even though I kindly declined, the conversation quickly turned into a very brief and very lighthearted joke session.

p.s. laughter is an excellent way to raise your vibration.

It was all pleasant, it was smooth, it was FLOW!! Ahhh, back in the flow, my dearest friend :)

And so the message for you, and for me, is to REMEMBER that it ALL starts from within. When you neglect self-care, when you neglect getting your mind right, when you neglect your SOUL, everything else slowly falls apart.

It ALL starts from within.

You are pure magic~

xoxo~ Madeline


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