Ladies, when it comes to attracting an amazing, high-quality, Divine Masculine partner, please understand that YOU are the prize and it is YOU who gets to select the man, not the other way around.

Now, before I go further into today's message, I have to preface the teaching with a disclaimer. This is absolutely NOT about entitlement. Entitlement is the OPPOSITE of appreciation and is more about using someone than truly loving them.

This is also not about demanding that a man love you, be a certain way for you, or that this dynamic implies a man-up, man-down heirachy. What this IS about is understanding energy dynamics in intimate relationships.

Understanding that YOU, my Goddess, are the one who really does the choosing is about self-awareness.

So here's the thing about the healthy, evolved, masculine energy, the kind you soul-desire as a Goddess. The masculine is the natural pursuer, he is naturally inclined to come to YOU and the feminine energy is allllll about receiving, magnetizing, being pursued, and then selecting. If you are in the mindset that it's you who is just so lucky to have someone texting, calling, pursuing, and choosing you and that you need to do everything in your power to keep this thing going, what is happening energetically is you are slipping into a disempowered masculine energy where you are energetically chasing the guy. In these moments, all your focus is being put into the pursuit of this relationship and NOT into your powerful feminine essence. It's a slow and steady leaking of your Goddess power.

This often happens as a result of fear around rejection and a desperation/neediness to get the relationship instead of developing one. When you don't have awareness of what's really happening here AND you aren't doing your Inner Work around it, it's so easy to slip into the pattern of going on a few dates only to find yourself becoming prematurely/anxiously attached, creating illusions about the relationship, and energetically pushing the man away. Which it does. Errrytime. Leaving you left wondering, "why does this always happen?"

The energy switched. You moved out of your gorgeous radiance. That is all, love.

Your heart is what the masculine craves, Goddess.

Connecting with a Goddess deep in her femininity, sensuality, and presence is paradise to the evolved, healthy Divine Masculine. Feminine energy is being tapped into your heartspace and until you are able to do that with YOURSELF, you can't connect and subsequently bond with your masculine.

If this sounds like you, love, have no fear! Hope is not lost. To get back into your gorgeous Goddess essence, you must must must first begin the journey back to Self/Soul.

Relationships are a mirror to what's going on with your relationship to Self. Period.

If there is any part of you that is rejecting a connection to your Self, your heart, and your Soul, you will find this showing up as a barrier between you and your partner.

Second, begin creating LIFE ABUNDANCE. True abundance. Create range and depth in your life with work, family, friends, dates, activities, travel, finances, ALL of it. When you create Life Abundance, this will not only show up as man abundance BUT you will be filling your heart and soul with activities that light you up from within! You will become fully ALIVE and creating a true richness to yourself. When you are creating a life that fills you with excitement, joy, spontaneity, happiness, and the like, you become so intriguing, so alluring and magnetic that masculine partners will not be able to resist falling over themselves just to get to know you and bask in your gorgeous, radiant, Goddess essence.

Third and final tip for today, know what you want! As the masculine partners are magnetically pulled into your field, it will be important to know exactly what you want. You are not just settling for the first man that comes into your field, you have a Divine Match and it's your job to discern this for yourself.

There are so many awesome ways to dig deep into Self and begin the journey to True Love. I'm going to be sharing more as I get ready to unveil my most EPIC, heart-enriched, Goddess program EVERRRR. I'm so excited for this!! This program will be building upon all the principles and tools taught in my Home-Study program, Goddess Vibes. If you want to jump start the process to Divine Love, definitely check that out pronto! In the meantime, stay tuned for so many goodies and wisom coming your way!!

So much love for you ~