Many times along your path, you may start to think that things really aren't working out.

Or you that you did something wrong.

Or you start clinging to the people or things around you.

You may find yourself trying to put a round peg into a square hole.

or you may find yourself shaming, blaming, or making yourself wrong in some way. Saying/thinking things like:

"maybe i shouldn't want what I really want..." "maybe i should just...settle." "maybe it's really not possible..." "who am I to..."

Or perhaps you start putting other people's desires in front of your own.

which, my love,  will get you ALLLL SORTS of mixed up. 

You will feel that something's off but you're no longer tuning in and listening or asking yourself what that feeling means.

and then you get scared.

"What if there's nothing better? What if...I'm alone and miserable for the rest of my life?"

you let your bullshit be bigger than your true desire.

The one that's being called forth from within you right now.

until it gets to the point where you just can't take it anymore.

and you fall to your knees, praying, asking to be shown a different way.

you think you're lost....but that's not actually true.

because the way comes from within YOU.

its about aligning your energy. It's about remembering that where you're at is perfect. Where you're at is just fine. You're being guided in this very moment.  You know what you want and you know what makes you happy.

It's in your happiness that you are guided. It's in your happiness where ideas come to you, the right people come at the right time. Inspiration flows, you start moving, and your path lights up.

Do you hear that? It's in your happiness.

Choosing thoughts that feel good.

Things that feel good.

Places and people that feel good.

It's trusting in your own vortex

trusting in your ALIGNMENT

trusting in YOURSELF

When you do this, everything starts to shift around you and, soon enough you find yourself exactly where you want to be.