For the longest time, you worried. You worried about how to do it. How to find it. How to get it. How to get out of it. How will you know.

You always felt like you were barely staying ahead, just barely getting by, staying afloat while trying to keep it all together.

You were flailing and you knew there had to be a better way.

You prayed, you begged, you hoped, you waited, and perhaps..still are.

If this is you, my love, please let me help. I had a vision in my meditation the other day that I think will paint a picture of how much easier this whole life, love, money, success, and manifestation thing REALLY is. I actually talked about this during my Full Moon party on Friday! Did you watch it? (Check it out here:

So this vision is perfect for understanding what it FEELS like to get into your Vortex. To get into that space where all the things you know you want, and desire, and are available can ACTUALLY come to you.

All the things. Any of the things. Just name it.

It's the difference between someone who doesn't know how to swim and someone who does. When you don't know how to swim and you jump in the water, your natural reaction is to flail about. Hands and feet anxiously moving around you in order to just barely stay afloat. If you have incredible instincts or have been trained on how to swim, you know that as you relax, you can float. I love being able to take a deep breath in, get on my back, and float in the water. IT's soooo soothing AND that's pretty much what it's like when you enter that space of alignment.

You're present, you're light, you're trusting that the universe has got your back, you're not trying to stay afloat, you just...are.

It's so much easier and so much more effective to float on the water than to thrash around within it, wouldn't you say?

That's truly what the Vortex is about. It's not about finding the perfect way to get in. It's not about figuring out HOW to get in, how to float, or what do I need to do so I can be worthy of just floating. There's nothing you have to do to make yourself float, you just can.

You relax.

Take a deep breath in.

And float.

Just as you can train/condition yourself to float in the water, you can absolutely do the same with your life.

You train yourself to know that you're supported, to know that everything is fine, to know that EVERTYHING'S working out because that's just the way it is.

and you float.

You train yourself to know the easier it gets, the easier it gets. The happier you are, the happier you will be. The more you flow, the more you will flow.

It's just the way it is.

Everything that you might be freaking out about right now...(and what is that thing actually?). the way to the answer, the love, the success, the money, whatever you think is missing or not coming or so hard to find, everything, everything, everything comes when you get in the Vortex.

Deep breath.

It's so much easier than you're letting it be, love.

But you gotta want to be in there more than you want to complain,  argue for your limitiations, or prove why YOU'RE right. You gotta want to FEEL GOOD more than you want to justify to yourself and everyone else on why "it's actually much more complicated than you that" or why it's so hard for you, or why it's just NEVER been fair.

Whatever that story is, you gotta drop it.

No one or nothing can keep you away from what is truly yours because more powerful than ANY of that stuff, is your Vortex.

You gotta want to be happy, to flow, to let it go more than you want people to agree with you, or like you, or understand you, or to fit in, or to prove your goodness, or to look like a good person.

You've gotta let that sh* gooooo because when you get in the Vortex, that stuff no longer matters. You drop into this magical, flowy state where all those things that you've been making so hard literally fall come to YOU.

It's one good thing after the other.

You're no longer forcing ANYTHING or ANYONE. You've just found out that it's better to float and be exactly where you are!

You train yourself, thought by thought in to the Vortex.

If you want to recdeive immediate benefit of your Vortex, you have to align with it. Which means you just gotta drop whatever it is that's keeping you from feeling good. You gotta stop flailing about and FLOAT.

You just gotta get in your Vortex.

You deserve to experience a life of magic~



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