It's incredible when it finally hits you.

You spend years, maybe your entire life wondering where all the good stuff is OR when you'll FINALLY get to where you want to be. "When will the money, success, love, ease, bliss, whatever come, God?!"

You work for it. You plan for it. You get all your ducks in a row...and still seems..out there.

And so, this is where many of us just get it wrong. We're looking for it. We're thinking it IS "out there."

We never actually connect with it. We never ALIGN with it. We never actually believe that we already have it. I mean, there's a part of us that will ALWAYS believe, because there's a deeper part of us that KNOWS the TRUTH. You were BORN from pure abundance and everything and anything that ever will be, you were CREATED from that, and don't need "find it." You ARE it. We sorta, kinda, maybe get that intellectually.. and yet... we feel empty.

And so here's the big thing to takeaway today: You don't need to chase the thing that you ARE and HAVE.

Your Vortex is RIGHT HERE.

right around you, right now, living, breathing, laughing, loving.

filled to the brim with MAGIC.

And so how you access ALL OF THAT is just by shifting into it.

It's a complete mental, emotional, vibrational, i.e. INTERNAL shift into KNOWING that everything is INFINITELY available to you, and CHOOSING/DECIDING that you get to have it all and you WILL and it's ALL already working out for you. So you can just quit the crazy, dramatic, BS stories that are telling you that something has gone wrong.

NOTHING HAS GONE WRONG. Why are you doubting this?

So, how do you intellectually shift into it?

By training yourself to expect that best.

By training yourself to know it's all working out.

By training yourself to FEEL good.

By shifting ALL your EXPECTATIONS.

It's most definitely NOT about figuring out HOW to get in there. It's not about doing the right things or following the right path.

You end up doing the right things and following the right path because you're in your Vortex.

Do you feel the difference?...because most of us have it backwards.

Don't look for the right thing to DO or have...BE and FEEL the way that you think the DOING will create.

Feel the way that you think having/doing that thing will make you feel.

Every time I manifest magic, it's not because I did something in a particular order.

It was ALWAYS AND ONLY the result of how I was FEELING in THAT moment.

You access YOUR Vortex because you just decide that your life gets to be freaking EPIC. And that thought excites the hell outta you.

You train yourself to believe in the magic, to expect the magic, to FEEL it all around you. Right now.

Because it's here.

And when you finally just SHIFT into knowing this, feeling this, and EXPECTING this, EVERYTHING else will shift with you.

There is magic beyond belief waiting for you~




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