Like the snap of your fingers, or the click of your heels, you find yourself in a whole new place.

Not necessarily physically...but vibrationally (which of course always transforms the physical).

It's happens just like that when decide.

You decide that today, you're going to feel a little better. You're going to expect a little more, you're going to let yourself rest, or play, or talk with that new person, or put yourself out there. or try that new thing. or...i don't know.. follow whatever the *f* is on your heart.

Whatever your soul is calling for you to do.

and let me just tell you something..

Each and every time I follow my heart's desire to take care of myself, to spend a little more time on my hair, or make up, or meditating, or just relaxing or..even working...yes WORKING... whatever my soul is desiring from me. Each and every time I do that, magic happens.

Can I tell you what happened to me today?

This might actually seem like a small thing to you but to me, it was magic! And Magic is magic - big or small, it never ceases to amaze me.

So today, I did my usual trip of going to the grocery store to get my green juice. As I got to the self checkout to pay, what do I see but 2, crisp, fresh $1 dollar bills just in the money dispenser for me. There was no one else around me. No one running back to claim this money..and, strangely, no one else even noticed it was there. To be honest, I didn't notice that money was there until I was done paying for my drink.

And i thought, "wow! Very cool universe." THAT particular instance has never happened to me before but I have had many other instances of finding money on the street, getting random money in the mail, and not even just money but meeting things just being given to me out of nowhere.

Just last night, my friend texted, last minute, saying he had an extra ticket to the Coheed and Cambria show. The music isn't exactly my style so I declined BUT it was just another example of how much abundance is available to any and all of us whenEver we tune into it.

For me., all this stuff happened after a very conscious and intentional decision to tap into joy. To feel good. I had been making a point to reach out to new people, make friends, connect, talk and just have fun. I just wanted to lighten up!

It's amazing how just LAUGHING can do wonders for your entire being.

Espcially in moments where I feel more tired than usual or I feel the "weird" vibes, or I feel like things just aren't making sense. When that happens, instead of going into an old pattern of fearing it, hating it, criticizing it, or ME with the, "You should know better/feel better" "Snap out of it." I love myself through it.

Everything is perfect. EVERYTHING is an opportunity. When you're tired, it's an opportunity for to rest. Sometimes the only way your soul can get your attention or give you a message is to get you to lie down. So instead of criticizing yourself for being tired or slow or sluggish, ask yourself instead, "what do I need right now?"

Love yo' Self.

Through everything. You're not doing anything wrong by being you. You're not doing anything bad by listening to your soul.

If you started listening to your body and your emotions and even those subtle, soft whispers of your soul that most of us brush off, things would start flowing and pretty quickly too.

I just mentioned this morning on Insta and Facebook about how things can change in a moment. It's true. We live in moments. Moments that build and create time. Time that moves and creates a life.

But those moments...what happens in those moments, those are preceded by vibration.

by you tuning into a certain state of being or at least, tuning into You. Into your guidance. Loving every step of the way. Listening. Walking in faith. Easing up. Realizing that you're never going to figure it all out, it was never your job to. Let the universe do the heavy lifting, love.

If you could just take each moment in your life and choose the thing that feels the most exciting, joyful, expansive, and/or aligned for you, you would be creating moments that would turn into a LIFE of joy, expansion, and alignment.

It would be magic.

It would be flow.

It would ease.

It would be dreams coming true.

It would be love all around you.

It would be giving life to all those things you feel and see and desire inside of you.

Tune in. This is your moment. And then... watch how EVERYTHING starts to shift.

So much love & magic to you~