It's an interesting thing isn't it...

When we love something so much, we want to be near it, we want it, to hold it tightly, to play with it, to be with it always... And yet, true love, the kind of love that allows someone or something to flourish, to live their purpose, their destiny, their own LIFE, to be fully seen and expressed, THAT kind of love requires non-attachment.

because when you hold on to something too tightly, you suffocate it.

When you pluck the flower for yourself, it can no longer grow on its own.

But when you allow something to grow, it will.

And so, almost paradoxically, the kind of love that inspires devotion in relationships is love without attachment. This is the kind that promotes freedom, creates flow, and nurtures well-being. It's the kind of love that our soul craves.

I heard it once said that, "Attachment is, "I love you, I want you to make ME happy." Whereas true love is, "I love you, I want YOU to be happy."

True love casts out all fear. True love is knowing that, you are OK and I am OK. To me, it's like magic ~ only experienced in moments of surrender.

When you completely let go of control. When you're not forcing things to be a certain way and, instead, allowing everything to be exactly as it is.

Allowing things to unfold naturally.

Trusting that the universe really is guiding you and putting all the pieces together in a way better than you could even imagine.

True love comes from alignment.

It comes from peace. It comes from a place of total well-being.

True love is really not about anyone other than yourself and the kind of person that YOU are. One of my favorite Abraham quotes is, "We love you not because you "deserve" it, we love you because we love." How good does that feel??

On the contrary, you can be sure that wherever you have a tight attachment, there is a fear. Where there is fear, there is a story. This is worth doing the inner work around. Asking yourself questions like, "What am I afraid I will lose here? What am I believing to be true? Is there truth to this? And if so...what then?"

Now, this is not to oppose the idea of commitment in relationships. The best relationships are formed through healthy attachments. Healthy attachments are created by devotion and devotion is inspired by true love. **It is inspired, not forced or demanded.** Pair devotion with a commitment to the higher purpose of wanting to grow in love and understanding, and you have yourself the kind of spiritual relationship that will last a lifetime.

Can you feel the difference?

What we all desire at the soul level is to be seen. To REALLY be seen & accepted. We want to have healthy connections with others who have created and nurtured their own well-being. We want to be around people who are happy, who are thriving, who are loving, and free.

We want to connect with others who inspire us to be our greatest selves! To follow our destiny. To live up to our highest potential. We desire to be supported and nurtured in a way that feels good to our soul.

That is true love.

And the cool thing about true love is that, when you love others in this way, you attract the same for yourself.

You are loved beyond belief~



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