Ok, so here's a secret. When you're playing with your imagination, you're also playing with your vibration. The universe doesn't know the difference between what is real and what you're imagining. Another way to say this....the universe makes no distinction between your inner and outer world.

Think about that...

If you can think of something that conjures up a certain emotion and you do that for at least 2 minutes, that would be long enough to basically get the universe shifting FOR YOU in that direction.

You will begin to feel differently

You will then begin to think differently

Your day would actually start manifesting differently for you.

And it's so simple right? No...not it's not...because our society is pessimistic and so serious and most of us will hear this and roll our eyes and say, "righhttt..I think I'll just stick to my reality where everything is the same, and blah..and just... kill me now."

And fine...if that's what truly makes you happy...do you, love.

But I don't believe you.

I don't believe anyone is truly, authentically satisfied with just stopping, stalling, stagnating, & losing touch with their creative side.

And I definitely don't believe you are....you who is reading this blog right now.

All the mystics, sages, philosophers, gurus, & great spiritual teachers of our time have told us over and over again that it is what is INSIDE of you that matters.

"The kingdom of God is within you." ~ Jesus the Christ

"A man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he becomes." Lord Krishna

etc etc.

So why don't we believe them?!?! Why don't we actually pay ATTENTION to what's going on inside of us? Where & when did we decide to listen to people who have no concept or understanding or BELIEF in the power of the INNER WORLD?!

When it's the inner world that matters most!

If you were to only take away one thing from me....if I only had time for one clear message...to share the thing that I KNOW with all of my heart to be true for us all, it would be to know that everything you are desiring will and CAN ONLY come when you feel it as real within you.

The secret to your radiance, MAGNETISM, and personal power is tending to yourself. Tending to your heart. Tuning in to SOUL. TRUSTING your soul above all else.

When you put your Inner World as a priority #1, when you tune in and have a continual conversation with your SOUL, when you are asking yourself, "What do I need right now? Where am I being guided? What am I feeling? What's the story here?" Everything around you will change.

When you tend to your heart, your needs and you become your best friend and BIGGEST source of LOVE, your thoughts, feelings, and habits will change. The kinds of people you choose to surround yourself with will change. The activities you fill your day with will change. The way you feel will change. The way you move will change. The way you see OTHERS will change. The opportunities you attract will change.

Everything will change as you do.

Your project your SELF into everything around you.

You have no choice but to start from within. You have no choice but to do the damn inner work. You have no choice but heal your wounds, forgive, let go, and return to that pure-positive energy because you can't attract or see anything other than what you ARE. When you do the inner work, when you heal those wounds, when you open back up your heart, when you feel SAFE to be you, to be heard, seen, and vulnerable, you become NATURALLY authentic and RADIANT.

This is alignment.

This is the only thing that matters.

And that, my love, is the ultimate secret.