Even when it's weird, or seems "bad" or like you don't understand why, I promise you, EEVVERRYYYTHING is ALWAYS always always working out for you. This happened in a very OBVIOUS and pretty cool way for me today.

Here we go~

I was in the midst of doing an Angel Card Reading (about 10 minutes in) when all of a sudden, 'POOF!' My camera shut down. Not my phone, just the camera. Off.

"What the %@$?!" were my exact thoughts... I'm pretty sure. I thought maybe I ran out of storage space but nope, plenty of storage. Everything had been going fine prior to that. I had just returned from a nice Starbucks run. Drove home with my rooftop down, enjoying the sun and the beautiful weather. The guidance was FLLOOWWWINNNG for this reading. I could feel universe/Source/my guides working through me POWERFULLY.. And then.. this.

Camera off.

I look up and lo' and behold, what do I see? STORM CLOUDS! Wasn't expecting that. Then, I hear the message, "put up your roof."


AS SOON AS I GOT BACK INSIDE, it started to rain. Has that ever happened to you? You remember to do something just in time? You take a "wrong" turn to discover that you avoided a huge traffic jam.

And here's the kicker. Not only did I get my roof back up in time, but my camera proceeded to worki JUST FINE! No hiccups, no shut downs. Perfection.


Definitely not.

That's Spirit for ya. That's the precision, perfection, protection, and ABSOLUTE LOVE & SUPPORT of the universe for ya. Always at play. Always communicating with you.

Even when things happen that, in the moment, seem like a mistake or "bad" thing, it never is.

There's always a message, a lesson, a blessing, a redirection, SOMETHING bigger at play.


It's all for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of all.

Affirm it with me~Everything is ALWAYS working out for me, for my Highest Good, and the Highest Good of ALL. I absolutely and completely trust myself & this universe. I am so in love with where I am right now because I know it's PERFECT. It's ALL perfect. And it's only getting better!!

And so it is.

P.S. I've been getting some awesome feedback on my most recent home-study courses. Everything is happening in here. Healing, clarity, love, MANIFESTATIONS! The highest of vibes my friends. Check out the courses here and if any resonate with you, jump on in! It's such an excellent time to create magic right now.