So some days it's like, "Yes I got this! I'm TOTALLY over that thing/person/limiting belief/story/pattern and then some days it's like, "WHERE THE F*#$ are all these feelings/fears/emotions coming from?!?!" Why do I feel so triggered today?


Good. Great...


You are on a spiritual path of ASCENSION and accelerated growth. Things are changing quickly. You are tapped into a much faster moving stream and so when you hit turbulence, it can feel like things are just awful when actually they're not. It's not that things are worse, it's that the speed and flow at which you are now operating makes it seem relatively so.

I compare it to flying. The bounciness of these kind of days are telling you, "You've momentarily hit some rough 3D reality air while you were traveling at the speed of light in 5d consciousness. Please fasten your seat belts until turbulence has stopped."

You get that right?

It's just a quick dip. Nothing serious. Nothing you won't bounce back up from even higher.

So how exactly DOES one shift out of turbulence and back into the high-vibing, magical state?

First, REMIND YOURSELF of this. This...everything I just mentioned above, this is acceptance. This is reminding yourself that NOTHING HAS GONE WRONG. It doesn't have to be this dramatic story of, "why does this keep happening to me" (victim) or "I'll never get it right. I'm so bad/stupid" (fear & shame) "It's so hard!" (fear). Nothing is happening TO you, you ARE doing it right, and it gets to be EASY.

Rearrange the energy.

Collapse time to right now.

Spiritual growth does not have to be a step-by-step process; it can be instantaneous.

And it starts with acceptance of where you're at right now. Not making it right, wrong, good, bad, hard, painful, whatever. It is what it is. So what's next?


What is it you want? What is the feeling/essence/spiritual quality that is driving this desire? More peace? Focus? Love? Whatever it is, you don't have to wait a month to get it. You get to have it right now. You choose the emotion, right now. Done.

You command it. You ground it. You commit to it. (you will learn more about this in my upcoming program, "Spring. Dazzling. Diamond. You")!!!!

You call that energy in because that's what you were BORN TO DO as a powerful, magnetic, attractor.

And that's when it all shifts, baby love.

You do this for every area of your life. ALL THINGS!! Body things, money things, love things, God things, Universe things, all things stem back to YOU. All things stem back to spiritual growth. As you bring ALL THINGS back to SOUL, you will find that even something as routine as driving your car provides a golden opporutnity for more growth and soul expansion.

So when you hit those moments where you feel like, "but I thought I was getting this stuff?!?!" All that is, is you continuing on your path of ENLIGHTENMENT...ASCENSION...ACCELERATED GROWTH. The Diamond-Level version you.

It doesn't have to be hard. Stay in your process, stay in the journey, and deliberately, constantly, PURPOSEFULLY choose. Each time you do this, the shifting gets easier, the bounce gets higher, and the moments more blissful.


MY NEWEST PROGRAM is about to launch!! Spring. Dazzling. Diamond. You. IT IS ALL THINGS spiritual transformation, resurrection, & up-leveling: body, mind, soul. This is you at Diamond-Level, Highest Potential Reality living. You will be tapping into the energies, mindset, games, and processes that elevate and transform your entire BEING. On every level. It's an energy and cellular evolution, baby! And it's sooooo time!

The learnings and meditations include:

  • Moving through The Zero Point
  • Spiritual Resurrection
  • Superconsciousness
  • Rearranging/Playing with Time & Space
  • Accessing your Baseline Vibration
  • Soul growth
  • Next-Level Manifestation games
  • SSOooo much cool stuff to share and teach and get you meditating on.
  • ALL THE LOVE is here.

Stay tuned, baby love.