I am so grateful for you.

I think you are fabulous and, of course, so wise.

I mean..you follow me right? hehehe (I know so cheeky and corny and total cheesy puff)

but honestly...

I do feel that way about you. About this tribe. About EVERYONE I work with, whether as a client or mentor. I know it takes a truly wise, emotionally intelligent, intuitive, and Soul-Centered person to seek these kind of teachings. The desire to dive into Spiritual Laws, to know that THIS IS the work. THIS IS THE POINT of it all!! This is the stuff that we are ALL seeking underneath the things we think we're seeking.

wow...that's wordy.

But I know you get it because it's not about the words I'm typing, it's the energy you can feel and interpret behind them. And so yes, that takes an incredible amount of wisdom, intuition, and talent.

I am so lucky to have you here. Thank you :) _/\_

If I could tell you one...one thing....ONE thing..hmmm..(ok, asking my soul to come through right now as I type this...What is today's message?)

You are so loved.

You're doing it right...everything.

Trust yourself.

Nothing has gone wrong...ever.

And also...you deserve it.

You deserve to experience absolute ease and flow.

You deserve to experience overflowing wealth and abundance.

You deserve to know and FEEL and share in EVER-INCREASING levels of love.

You deserve to experience whatever you want to call in.

Call it in.

and perhaps...perhaps that's why I'm sending you this message today.

Because today is the New Moon~

Today is about calling it ALL in and not turning back around.

Not looking back.

Lest ye be turned to salt.

In other words, don't worry about what was...or even is. Don't focus on it unless ye be wanting to re-live it (ok, why do I sound like a pirate now!??! lol we're just gonna roll with it).

What you're looking for is not found in what was. NO, it's NOT found in looking back.

It's found within.

In your guidance. In your dreams. In all that lives and breathes in your heart.

The kingdom of heaven, some may say.

It's alive & breathing & real & here & NOW.

It's NOT in the past.

No, don't turn around! Look ahead. Keep your eyes on the dream, the vision, on what's COMING and what you are CLAIMING!!

Perhaps that's why I love New Moon's so much..and New Year's Eve.

The chance to begin again! The moment where you, me, all of us, ONCE AGAIN, remember that we get to CHOOSE to come back into our power. We get to CHOOSE to focus on what we want, and expect, and see inside of us.

That power has always been there, though. You don't need a New Moon to grant you this power.

It's always been a choice. Just a choice. Always a choice.

And so....for me.

I choose to recognize how much LOVE & GOODNESS and ABUNDANCE and joy you bring into my life. All that I have and have always had.

And for you reading this, I am particularly grateful for you, for you give my words meaning. You give my words life. A home to lay in.

I am choosing now to call in MORE AND MORE love, joy, flow, ease, abundance, & LOVE!!

I call it in! Proudly! Confidently~

It is so.

I do not look back because even though the past was so so good, what is coming is even better.

I look forward. I tune within. I move. I love.

I flow & I FLY~~

Ahhh yesss..look how I flow! Look how I flyyyy.

And then come see how it all comes together, unfolding in the most perfect of ways! I'm so so happy you are here, flowing and flying with me. I'm so excited to see what the next 30 days has in store for you, for me, for all of us!

You ready?

I'm hosting a New Moon party tonight

I'm gonna walk you through how to tap into that big, beautiful, heartspace of yours and claim, BOLDLY, clearly, & confidently what you really want to manifest.

And then..

you do the damn thing.

It's powerful stuff!! <3 you coming? Party starts tonight at 9PM EST


P.S. My newest program, Magnetic began TODAY! TOOODDAYYY!! weeee. <3

If your intention is to fully & COMPLETELY embody Self-Love, acceptance, GRATITUDE, and a deep sense of worthiness around receiving with ease all that is within you, SEEKING YOU, jump in now! It’s not too late to join the group and catch me LIVE!