Boom. I said it.

You don't. You didn't come here to fix anyone, you didn't come here to solve world problems, the mere focus on the fact that there is a "problem" only perpetuates more of the same, you see. You came here to COME ALIVE! TO SHINE. To live, create, love, BE in a way that works for you. To do the very things that beat and sing and dance in your heart.

To dance with the universe.

And how you dance... that's between you and YOU. Big you. Let's say God. Your God. SOURCE. That's a dance that NO ONE can predict or tell you how. That's a story that no one but you and You get to write.

And so I say this because it can be so easy to think that you owe the world something. You think your worth, your "goodness" as human comes from somehow PROVING it. Giving, giving, giving. "Look how hard I work, look how selfless I am. Look how mother fucking exhausted I am!!" I must be a good person now...right?

Draining yourself.

Sacrificing your needs and desires for everyone else.

until...until you collapse.

You can't do it anymore. It's not sustainable. Was never intended to work that way, love.

Put your air mask on first and foremost. Always and forever.

The only rule of life you ever need to remember...

Tune in.

Align. Align. Align AND THEN.

What feels right for you?! What contains the most light/joy/excitement for you? Easy. Done.

But what does that actually look like???

Well, sometimes, the right thing for you to do is NOTHING. Sometimes the right thing for you to do is find a punching bag and let that rage out. Sometimes, the right thing for YOU to do is to find a nice, quiet place to meditate. And sometimes...sometimes it's something else entirely.

I cannot tell you how to live your life. No one can. That's something you must learn to do for yourself. Only when you decide to become the authority of your life, only THEN do the pieces start coming together. Only THEN do you operate from YOUR Highest Good. Only then do you find alignment with your SOURCE.

You are the only one who can show you the way because the WAY is within YOU. It is safe to trust yourself. You are so loved.

And valuable. Immensely.

I say this because the peanut gallery can be loud. The need to be be loved externally can pull you straight out of your center. And it hurts like hell when it happens.

All of a sudden you're not thinking straight. You don't know which way is "right." You can't see the forest through the trees or whatever that expression is. You're lost in the rabbit hole..




Hoping, wishing, praying, GOD PLEASE HELP ME! SOMEONE!!

And the answer that always comes, the solution, the savior, isn't someone that takes away your problems. It's the person, the message, the book that shows you how you to do it yourself. 

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Baby love, the thing you're seeking is within you. The way. The love. It comes from within. You don't owe the world a damn thing, but the paradox is, when you start showing up for yourself, you actually show up for the world too.



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