If it's meant to be, it will be.

Yep. That's a country song.

Yes. It's also true.

I recently had an...interesting...experience with my boyfriend and an ex-lover of his the other day. We all decided to meet up, it was going to be 4 of us, him, me, the old ex, and another mutual friend. The plan was to go out to this game place/bar to, well... play games, have drinks, and merriment. I was totally under the impression that all was well, all good vibes, no weirdness to be had. I mean, this was like an old old ex from 16 years ago!

yeahhh...no LOL

What ended up happening was the 4th friend bailed, so it was me, my bf, and his ex.

The conversation turned from pleasant to, literally, every grievance that could have come to light about the old relationship DID. Up and out... and it was...weird.

Apparently my bf's ex had a lot of hurt and confusion. At one point, the words "I always compared everyone else to you" came out of her mouth.

Good god.


Halfway through, I wasn't sure if she was airing her grievances or seeing if she could rekindle something.

And even though it felt MAD awkward to be listening in, I knew I had to let her speak. I had to know the truth from all sides. I could not simply walk away without allowing anything that was going on "under the surface" and in someone's vibration be left unattended to. Nothing stays hidden forever. You either deal with your shit or you let it blow up in your face when it's even more inconvenient.

Bottom line/core belief: If our love is real, it doesn't matter who tries to come in, it cannot destroy true love. When someone only has eyes for you, they only have eyes for you. If someone secretly has a desire/longing/resonance with someone else, they need to be with that person because we all deserve to be with "that" person. Our True Divine Partner.

So I stayed. I listened. I allowed everyone to speak. I let all my fears have their moment. "What if he still has feelings for her? What if we don't work out because of this?"

If it's meant to be, it will be.

And honestly, you only know the strength of love when it's tested. True love is something you come back to, again and again and again. It's a commitment. A choice. It's that thing that you could never give up, even when it seems hard, even when you don't know the way, you just love this thing so much that you're willing to do what it takes.

You have the end result in mind. An end result/vision that's shared by each other.

This is true with business, with your passions, with your purpose. Those things on your heart that you keep coming back to, they're there for a reason. There's a magnetic pull. 

It is the same with relationships. You never have to force someone to love you or want to be with you or commit to you. When you love something YOU WANT to be with them, commit to them, desire them, you come back to them...willingly. It's a natural magnetism. It's effortless. It's like, "but of course." Even when you're sitting across the table with their ex who is proclaiming the love they once had for them...and might still have...you know it doesn't matter because you remind yourself that if it's meant to be, it will be.

For everything.

And what ended up happening after that night was something even better than I could've imagined. A discussion, a deep, honest, vulnerable discussion about what's truly in our hearts. It brought us even closer together.

Quite the paradox wouldn't you say?

Don't be afraid to face the truth, no matter what it is. No matter if you know it may hurt to hear it. Yes, it absolutely would've hurt like hell if, after that night, he would've told me he has feelings for her. It would've been painful to realize that we weren't meant to be. But it wouldn't be nearly as painful as creating a relationship and a life based on lies and fear. You DESERVE to be with the person whose heart belongs to you and yours to them.

"If it's meant to be, it'll be, it'll be, baby just let it be."