Seems harsh...and yet totally badass at the same time.

And so here's the thing.

One of...and before I even get going too much...there are many moving parts to why things happen and manifest...HOWEVER, one of the main reasons/patterns/lessons I learned as to what used to hold me back was my inability to just make a decision.

Holding onto past lovers way past their expiration date.

~~this keeps you from being fully, energetically open/available for that brand new, next-level love.

Waffling between decisions, not making one, just...kinda of...floating.

~~Not only will the dissonance of you being somewhere you don't really want to be lower your vibe, i.e. you will NOT be feeling any of the good feels, you also won't get ANYWHERE.

You can't drive forward whilst looking into the rear view mirror after all, no?


Not making a clear, SPECIFIC, DECLARATION/Commitment/Marriage to a money goal.

~~This led to me minimum standard. I simply wasn't prepared to just commit to my next-level goal and just do the damn thing. **Comfort zone**

Everything. Anything. When you don't have a ruthlessness about what you're doing, YOU. WILL. WAFFLE.

This is really about focus. Steadfastness. DECISIVENESS. Bad ass bitch shit right here.

Now...this isn't an angry, "I hate you all and will burn everything in my sight kind of vibe." When I say ruthlessness I mean a determined, dog-with-a-bone, come hell or high water, detach-all-emotional-drama, don't-make-it-personal, NO MORE going back, NO MORE waffling kind of thing.

because you know what you want

and you're not afraid to declare it. To yourself. To the universe. To whomever.

You're not afraid to commit to this direction, even if it means you trip and fall on the way to it. You're not afraid to be ruthless, clear, decisive in pursuit of WHAT YOU REALLY WANT because that is THE ONLY way you get it.

You stop settling for what you KNOW you don't want.

the almost

the not-quite-right.

You gotta cut it off. Life's too precious. You're too powerful to play that half-ass, let me just float around in mediocrity, sorta happy but also sorta waiting to be happier game.

No, thank you.

I make shit happen because I'm ruthless.

Because I make a decision and I go all in. I believe in myself. I believe in my power. I believe in the POWER OF FOCUS. OF DECIDING. OF just doing the damn thing.

The eye of the tiger.




You believe you have that in your right? Let's get after it, love.


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