You deserve to feel the most exquisite love

To be deeply admired, respected, and adored.

You deserve to be someone’s everything

You deserve to feel like you are everything

You deserve to have everything~

You deserve a love filled with truth and ease and honesty.

You deserve to treated with kindness

You deserve someone’s full attention

And heart

A real connection.

And bond

To be an equal


To feel so high

To feel a depth of love you haven’t felt before

To feel like

~Everything is fine

~Evrerything is so good

~Everything is actually great

You deserve to feel whole

And lovable

This is not about trying to make pieces fit that just don’t fit.

It’s not about trying to do anything that doesn't feel right.

You can't make lemonade out of grapes

It’s recognizing what you’re working with and asking yourself

"Is this what i want?"

And then remembering

That you deserve to have what you really want.

You deserve to feel it

A perfect match

The right fit

Being in the right place at the right time with the right person

And not worrying bout much else

Allow yourself to dream and feel that thing you most want to feel.

Honoring yourself

Respect your wishes.

And always always always check in with yourself

"Is this what I really want?"

And if not

"Why am I here?"

"What is it that I’m really looking for?"

Or possibly..."Do I actually believe?"

Feel worthy.

And then you stand up, look yourself in the mirror, and remind yourself.. yes

You are worthy

You deserve LOVE

And it’s alive

It’s here

Waiting for you to remember that love is a feeling.

It's something you tune into. It's something you can have right now.

You don’t need to seek it and you certainly don’t need to force it.

You deserve to feel it NOW

So feel it NOW

That is the key

That is thing

Adore yourself

Lavish yourself

Asking yourself in every moment, "How do you feel?" "What would you like?"

"What can I do for you?"

for YOU.

For your heart and soul.

How can I love you even more deeply?

More purely...

How can I love you even more?

How can I make you feel my love?

What do you need from me?

What does it take?

Because i want more than anything to love and be loved.

I want more than anything to love you

And honor Soul.

And then one day you will wake up and realize, that all you ever wanted, all you ever needed...was You.

And the rest...

The rest fell will fall perfectly into place.