I had this awesome awesome question presented to me last night in the final call for Divine Love (whichhhh you can click here to register and get all the content, recordings, meditations, and bonus’s..pshhyeah!). Not only is it an awesome question because it’s something that WILL CONTINUOUSLY pop up throughout your life no matter how much Law of Attraction training, personal development, and/or Inner Work you do, BUTTT it’s also something you CAN master. It’s something you can learn and grow from. It’s something that WILL serve as a reminder that you are actually doing this life thing right.


And that question was…


“How do you move out of doubt?”


Or another way you can say it, "What if I want to manifest something but I don't believe it....at all.

Oh man..

Let’s dig into this one.

First off, doubt is a symptom of being HUMAN because our vision, by nature, is limited. We don’t see all possibilities, we can’t see all possibilities and therefore, we have to enact/enable/fire up the faith muscle quite often. Why else do you think we, as a collective, are so captivated and IN NEED of learning more about the mysteries of the universe and the power of faith? We wouldn't need to know this and practice this if we already knew everything.

So doubt is part of the fun of doing this human thing. It does take on a different dynamic the more you master it, however. For me, doubt has transcended from a fearful, "Will I?" "What if I don't?" "What if it doesn't work out?" to, "but can it really be this good/easy/magical?"

I have it pretty hardwired that if it's coming from within me, it's possible. I also know that the how is not my job. Neither is the who or when.  My doubt is not based on questioning whether the Law of Attraction is real. I totally believe in the LOA and I KNOW that my God, my universe, my Inner Goddess is powerful and supports me and is here with me right now. My doubt speaks up when I start approaching upper limits i.e. when I start creating and receiving and dreaming beyond anything I’ve ever done before. When life starts to feel really good and easy.

That comes with practice and experience. In the meantime, whatever kind of doubt you may be experiencing, here are some of my steps on how to shift out of it and realign with ALL that you desire.

  1. Acceptance. Feel that doubt. Look at the scary monster under the covers. Acknowledge that it’s there. You have to. You have to look at it because...well...it’s there. Running from it doesn’t make it go away, it just prolongs the inevitable. You can't run from yourself and you will always manifest what’s in your vibration until you change it.

  2. Remove the emotional charge. Remember, there is nothing wrong your feelings. They are a message. So...what is the message here? Dig into the doubt, the fear, the story/belief. Where did it come from? Why do you believe the doubt?

    1. I love this part of self-discovery because this question will often bring up patterns that you never realized you had before. It's enlightening. It's like, "OMG, I never saw this before...and now I do." Awesome.

    2. Specifically, for relationships. If there has been a story all throughout your life that “relationships are hard,” “marriage is hard,” or perhaps you've grown up with literally ZERO examples of happy relationships, now you know why you haven't attracted anything beyond that. Now you know what kind of programming you're working with. NOW, you can then easily move into step #3.

  3. Ah yes...the ULTIMATE question. #3 is to ask yourself, “but is this really true?Is this true? Is it true that it’s not possible to have a an amazing relationship? (NOOOO LOL...definitely not true)

    1. And this is where you start to shift because what you attract is ALL ABOUT what you believe. It’s NOT true because every part of you knows that you were always been meant to live an exhilarating, joyful, good-feeling, positive life. You’re supposed to feel good and so are your relationships! Things are supposed to fit perfectly because the universe is PERFECT. It works with perfect harmony, resonance, and precision. Precise laws. Period. That is your world. Perfect. To you. To what you believe

    2. This is basically you touching base with yourself. Is this true FOR ME? Because your truth is your alignment. Your truth is what is inside of you. Your truth is what you create from your soul. Your TRUTH is personal, it’s your WAY and you discover your truth because you tune in to your Self and ask, “is this true for me?

    3. That is the ultimate question

  4. So...now...what is TRUE for you? Basically, WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY WANT? When you look inside, when you wave the magic wand. When you allow yourself to DREAM, what is it you dream of? What do you really want?

  5. And you reaffirm. You change the way you think, you change the way you feel because things don’t change until you do. It doesn't matter if you're at the final hour and you still don't have what you believe is yours. YOU STILL BELIEVE! YOU STILL KNOW THAT YOUR DESIRES ARE REAL and true and are unfolding perfectly. That’s the only way you actually break through to the other side.

    1. Sometimes that means you believe IN SPITE of what others believe. Sometimes that means you pull out the Faith card in spite of what you see around you. In spite of what others are experiencing. In spite of everything you’ve ever experienced up until this point.

    2. You still say YES! Yes to the JOY, the absolute bliss, the laughter, the hugs, the family, the love, the freedom, the adventure, the exploration, the  GOODNESS.

    3. Yes yes yes to all that is alive and well inside of you. You reaffirm that, "if it’s within me, IT’S REAL!" Or as Abraham puts it, “if this universe has the ability to give you a desire, it has the ability to deliver it to you.”

My final point is this: Faith is a CHOICE. Faith is a muscle. Faith is something that comes alive in the midst of doubt. Faith is the antidote to doubt and fear. Faith > than fear. Trusting and knowing that all things ARE ALWAYS working out for you. You are SUPPOSED to have loving relationships, abundance, joy, freeeeeedom.. OH MY GOD FREEEEEDDOOMMM. You know this is true because every part of you lights up and shouts ‘hells yes!!” every time you hear this. You were born knowing that you are a powerful being. That you are good and that you are worthy of all you desire.

You truly are the creator of your experience.

You were also born with a knowing that the Law of Attraction is the basis of this universe. This universe (people, animals, nature, everything) respond to your vibration, how you feel, how you are. And so..it all comes back to you, what you believe, and what the eff you're doing about it.


Faith > Fear..always


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