This full moon has been killer. In the best way of course. It has brought up so many random conversations, conversations mostly from elders..some not..but mostly yes, elders, who had all sorts of "advice" to give me.

"You should call 'so and so,' is your relationship serious? Yes? Well, you should do this.Watch what you eat, you shouldn't be carrying extra weight around."

~~Ohhh, I particularly loved this "advice" because, this one started off as "you are an extraordinary beauty...and so you shouldn't be carrying around any extra weight."


soooo...wait...was that a compliment orrrr...????


Luckily, I'm not bothered by it. I'm very comfortable in my body.

But it was "advice" like this these past few days that have left me like, "what the..?" At what point did I invite everyone to come in and critique, criticize, or pick apart me or my life?

So, as per the usual, I went inward.

To me, it all feels like some kind of spiritual rite of passage moment. A coming into full bloom. My full power. Adulthood. Granted, I've been a grown ass woman for quiet some time, but there were parts of me that still identified as a child. Particularly when I was around my parents...or ...elders in general. I want to have a level of respect for them, but instead of looking up to them, I want to look across at them. Across the table as a peer. Not a child. Because I'm not a child and I no longer like seeing myself as a child.

I'm an adult, a leader, worthy of respect. There's much that my elders can learn from me just as I can from them. It is mutual. I am no longer a child, and carrying the energy of being less-than feels like wearing clothes that don't fit quite right.

And so the transformation commences. The transformation is me stepping into and affirming and FEELING that yes, I am an adult. It is time to stand on my own two feet, to stake claim to what is important to me, to affirm who I am, to create space for the kind of dialogue and relationships that honor me and to no longer give energy, attention, ANY kind of focus to the relationships and conversations that DON'T meet me where I'm at.

I'm making the decision to fully own my power

And so, instead of continuing to feel insulted or belitted, I'm making a conscious choice to be GRATEFUL for all the conversations and..shall we say "weird" exchanges that forced me to tune in and ask, "" Because here I am.

And that's the point.

Now I know what I want

Now I know what I to affirm.


& Call forth

As I birth this new identity, as I claim my power, I must remember who I am at all times. The transition period can be easy...but it's not always. It's a constant reminder to say, "This is who I am." In my all my interactions, I must remember who I am now choosing to be. In all my decisions, I remember who I am. In my next steps, in my guidance, I must come back to the questions, "am I being who I have decided to be. Am I acting from my power? Am I acting from the next highest vision of myself?"

And if YOU tune in every moment to confirm and affirm, you will find yourself transforming. Moving into this new vision.




So give thanks for the contrast, the weirdness, the whatever that forces you to go within and now ask, "is this what I really want?"


P.S. For my Queen's. I'm getting ready to unleash the second installment of I AM QUEEN! (SOOO EXCITING!!!) This is an intense, POWERFUL, change-making program for creating massive UPGRADES. Your next-level.

This is about bringing your VISION, your DREAM into reality. YOU stepping into the LEADER/AUTHORITY/EMPOWERED/BADASS/QUEEN version of yourself that is so alive and REAL inside of you right now.

You feel it. I know it. That's why you're reading this.

It's 6 weeks of total integration of soul and personality. Dreams and reality. Making the unseen REAL. This is your universe, afterall. We're just living in it :)