This thing. This life thing. It's quite amazing and strange and perfect in all its ways, wouldn't you say? At least, you will see that if you choose to see that. It is, however, just as tempting....and easy...and lazy to see life just as it is. Nothing special. Nothing new.

It's easy to pick life apart. To pick others apart. To pick yourself apart.

It's quite easy to sit and not try, not dream, not expect something better, something...different to come into your life. Which is precisely why, for so many, for far too many, life...doesn't...change. It's like one sad, lame, mediocre, whatever moment after the other.

And so we look to others for entertainment. We look to others for the answer. We look to others for the blame. Never really questioning, or looking within, or digging deep.

But that's not you, is it? No, that's not you. Not if you're reading this.

No, you know that there is definitely...most definitely... more to be seen and experienced. You feel it. You know it. It pulls at you relentlessly.

You know that focusing on what you don't want is not the answer. You're the one who's had those moments of clarity and breakthrough, of things happening because you commanded them to. Because they had to. Because you closed your eyes, took the leap, and said, "God, I'm doing it. Catch me."

And of course, here you are. All caught and fine and dandy. Figuring it all out, step by step. You're the one who looks back with amazement at how far you've come. You're the one who looks back and realizes how out of control...and ANNOYING all those pesky, creepy, crawly doubts and fears were.

You have a higher understanding of just why everything that came to pass had to. Why you had to go through that. What you actually got out of it. Why you are BETTER now because of it. Why the same issues no longer plague you and instead, give you strength and confidence and a, "wow, my life is quite amazing."

Nothing has been a mistake. Everything has been perfectly put into your path as a way for you to come back home. To show to you how elusive and ephemeral it is to try and hold onto things in order to be happy, or feel complete, or safe. You didn't come here to hold onto things. You came here to experience things. To create things. To move things into being through the power of your focus.

You didn't come here to slowly wither and die into the darkness. You came here to light the way. To shine forth. To transcend.

Have you ever marveled at those "chance" encounters that, upon review, leave you with no doubt in your mind that it was all meant to be? Perfect strangers randomly giving you the message you so needed to hear at that time. Chance encounters that were the answer to your question and the response to your prayer.

No, there are no accidents. There is nothing that happens that isn’t part of this universal undercurrent.

And yet we fear.

We fear we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing. We fear, "what if....what if I'm doing it all wrong? What if I end up alone or on the street or ....or…. who knows??"

Can you remember a time when you had no idea what would happen to you? When your future held no certainty? Think back to a time when you had to take the leap and had no idea what would happen next. Never in a million years could you have predicted THIS moment. And yet, here you are.

How does this happen? What is this power? What is this Divine order we live in?

Eventually, you get to the realization that nothing makes sense if you are looking from the outside in. It was never about what’s outside of you. Stop looking outside of you. It's not the stuff, the man, the love, the friends, the money, the body, the job, the whatever that makes you happy or keeps you safe. All these things come and go like the waves.

All of these things are come because you already have them within yoursef. The real world is what’s inside of you. The rest falls into place accordingly. Perfectly.

Trust, and be led from within. Pay no mind to the chaos that may surround you. Appreciate it all, but don't cling.

As long as you're open to it, as long as you expect it, something magical and unexpected will always unfold for you at the perfect time. A way has already been made for you. Things are ALWAYS working out for you. Something amazing is about to happen.

And so it is.