Because what lies ahead of you is far greater than what lies behind you.

Because that is the nature of the universe. Eternally.

Because YOU ARE strong enough. You are wise enough. You do have the physical and non-physical resources at your fingertips. Use them. Ask for them. Cry out to them. Let them help you.

Let yourself be supported and loved and cherished. Let yourself be loved. Let yourself feel the love. Walk out into nature and know that all is well. Hang around children and watch as they bounce from one thing to another, not a care in the world. This is you. In your most precious, pure state, before you felt like you had to carry the weight of the world.

and i get it

because shit does happen. To all of us.

lots of shit

and life takes turns

and we don't understand why

in the moment.

we never really understand why until it's all said and done.

and we never understand the how until we just do it. We just step. One baby step at a time

It comes down to being a choice.

A choice to move forward instead of lookingback. A choice to grow, to be better, to be different. A choice to be guided and led into something...anything better. Something that is waiting for you. Right now. There is something that lies ahead but you will never find it if you keep looking behind. I want you to trust that truly, no matter what, nothing matters more than your alignment.

Just feeling good.

One person in alignment is more powerful than 1 million people not in alignment.

 You don't need to figure out how. Just tune in each day, each moment and ask, "what do I do now? Where do I go now? What is my next step?" You will get a nudge, a thought, an impulse, a soft voice that whispers, "this way."

Follow that voice.

I love you