That crazy, wild, amazing dream that you feel like inside of you.. that dream is real. It's yours. And it's your responsibility to bring it out into this world.

For me, I'm ready to try something new (I just announced this on my livestream actually). Something daring..something..a little crazy perhaps?

Maybe...maybe not.

It's only crazy when you try to make sense of it. But you can't make sense of magic. You can't make sense of miracles. You can't make sense of life! You're not supposed to! Your job is to let the magic LIVE. Your job is to get out of your own damn way. Period.

Ahhhhh. <3

This is especially true when you're embarking into new territory where you feel like, "what do I do now? What do I do now?!!?" I have this dream but I have no idea where to start...or maybe I do have an idea...

a small idea... a vague idea. But I want clarity! I want proof. I want to know what it will look like, I want to know that IT WILL ALL BE OK. Who gets to decide that, though? Who's going to make sure it will all be ok? It's So the question is, why are you looking for validation, for permission, outside of YOURSELF? It was always and only ever about you. Why are you looking out side of yourself?

So here's the checklist:

Do you believe in the laws of the universe? Yes

Do you believe that as you think and meditate on certain thoughts, you bring them to life? Yes, totally.

Do you believe you are unlimited? Yes.

Do you really? long a I can dream it.

Ok..awesome. So why are you looking outside of yourself? Stop that nonsense! It's inside of you. The magic is within you. It's in your thoughts. It's in your expectations. It's in your unwavering faith that each and every step you take is guided, protected, and supported.

It's knowing that you can't get it wrong. That where you are right now is PERFECT. WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW IS PERFECT! STOP TRYING TO MAKE YOURSELF WRONG. You're not wrong.

You are not wrong.

You are exactly where you need to be. So keep going.

If all you ever do is say, "this thing I want..this's a done deal" and then you just shut yourself up long enough to hear the small little nudges of your heart and let yourself be guided and let yourself be led. If you can do that for long enough to start flowing, the rest will take care of itself

What this doesn't look like...

Taking a step and then turning around to see if you've manifested it already

Posting or sharing your message and waiting to see who likes it

Finding all the reason why you can't or why it's impossible or impractical or doesn't make any sense.

Sitting around waiting for something to happen

Continuing to vibrate in fear and doubt, crying out..whyyyy?! hoowww?! certainly doesn't look like any of that.

What it DOES look like is...

Knowing that it's done. Feeling good and excited about the coming hours, days, and weeks.

Trusting those fun little nudges to go to some place new, drive the longer route, take the pretty detour.

Saying, sharing, teaching, singing, doing whatever you feel guided and inspired to do and moving on. Not stopping to see reactions, not caring about reactions, just doing you.

Waking up and reminding yourself that that crazy dream you have, it's real, it's here, it's ready.

Playing a little more, laughing a little more, taking life a little less seriously.

Pouring massive, loving, positive, uplifting, and affirming thoughts towards yourself EVERY DAY. "You got this, you are a total badass, Goddess, superstar, QUEEEEN!"

Allowing and expecting things to turn out better than expected.

Going to sleep at night with your head on your pillow giving thanks.

Taking yourself to the store and buying yourself flowers just because.

Letting yourself slip, and fly, and fall, and fail and knowing that none of that matters in the long run.

Letting yourself be SEEN.

Letting yourself make amistake, fail, or lose your way.

Reminding yourself that you're never too far behind, too far gone, or too far lost.

Letting yourself enjoy the unfolding, knowing that everything is and will and must unfold perfectly because this universe IS POWERFUL. It's been around FOR A WHILE. It knows what it's doing and it's working ABSOLUTE MAGIC IN YOUR LIFE

It looks like sitting in font of your computer and letting your fingers fly with words of encouragement and love. Not needing it to make sense because you trust the power of the universe and what is flowing through you and you honor what is inside of you as you let it pour out onto the keyboard

yes I'm talking about me right now.

I'm just letting my fingers fly at this point. I'm not even thinking about what I'm typing. I have no idea what my next word is going to be right now and that's the way it should be

because if i get in my head...then I'm screwed. if i get in my head, i silence my heart. if i get in my head i try to make it the right thing instead of just letting it BE the right thing

if i get in my head i slow down my flow, i slow down the passion, and I dim the very thing that you are really wanting from reading this.

the energy

the flow

the power

the power that lives inside of you

it's magic

you just have to get out of your own way

and realize, that what is inside of you, waiting to flow and fly, is real, and IT'S AMAZING..and honestly, is your responsibility.