it was never about them, baby

it was never about what they needed

it was never about what they thought

it was never about any of this.

it was never about them

No...this is something bigger.

This is about you.

rising to the call. hearing the call. and mother f*@&ing rising. And moving. And flowing. Never stopping.

Let them catch you if they can, if they even want to. It doesn't really matter.

Because it's not about them.

It never was. It never will be. It can't be

You serve one God.

You hear one Call.

and the rest, the rest fades away because what you need, all you need is an inside thang.

You will never make sense of the world trying to look from the outside in. That never works. That never makes sense. That's backwards.

It's about YOU deciding what gets to make sense. What gets to happen. What YOU choose to see as real and true.

You moving in your truth at warp speed.

Creating in a blaze of glory. Leaving only dust trails. Never-minding the rest.

No, it was never about them. They could never give this to you. No one can.

And perhaps that's what this was all about in the first place. Perhaps everything that has ever happened was ONLY and EVER about you RISING and claiming and REMEMBERING that it was never about them.

So what do you choose, love? What gets to be real now?

That's the magic.

You want to know what I choose to believe?

I choose to believe that EV.ER.RRYYY.THINGGG is working out for me.

I choose to believe that what is mine cannot me taken from me.

I choose to believe that my life gets to be absolutely magical.

Like unicorn, fairy dust, miracles every day kind of magical.

I choose to believe that I am one lucky mutha ;)

That I magnetically call in and surround myself with people who love me, support me, desire me, and honor me.

I know I am safe and loved.

I love life.

I choose to create from the inside out.

i seek it. i see it. i find it and i manifest it, over and over and over. Like a #bossbitch.

No one could ever give this to me. This is an inside job.

No, it was never about them.

So tell me...What do YOU believe?

What do you CHOOSE?

Alignment and then....magic.