Omg...can I really have it all?!?

When life gets really good, when you see the pieces coming together and the possibility of having your all becomes real, this is often the question that pops up. That whole enchilada you wanted?? Well, it's not "out there" anymore. It's happening. Right here and right now.

You feel it in your gut.

Me? Now? OMG!?

And of course "it all" is different for everyone. Obviously.

For me, my "all" has recently changed. My "all" always included my empire, my message, true love, toys, freedom, fun. That was everything to me. But now... marriage??? Family??


Ok yes..and it's becoming more real than ever.

It only hit me recently, too. I came to this next-level less than a month ago. It was at that time when I started realizing that I am ready for this and can actually see myself being married and having a family. Like really. This is totally new for me. To be honest, I never cared for marriage. It wasn't my thing. Crazy, passionate, sensual, telepathic, soul-connected love? Yes, abso-freakin-lutely. But I never felt totally connected to the idea of marriage. Until it just...kinda...hit me. Like, yeah, I want this. I'm ready for it. I believe it's available to me and I know I'm worthy of it.

So I decided. It's a done deal.

Usually, at this point, I have to remind my mind to not get lost in the how or the when. When you get close to a breakthrough, that is usually when the those creepy crawly fears act up the most. For me, the fear says, "don't claim it because you might jinx it! Or, "but these are all the possible reasons why you may not." Or, "Maybe you can get close but chances of this pulling through are slim to none." Overthinking/sabotage/staying small/doubting/staying limited/fuck that shit. What I do when that happens is tune back into myself and feel it. Feel what I want. See it coming.

Because it's all about MY vibration. I am creator. I control my thoughts. Not the other way around.

So here's more of the story... I found true love. I had to let it go. I had to go on a journey. I had shit to do. I had to follow a path that took me physically away from the man I love. I wasn't ready or wanting anything else at the time.

I then focused solely on me. I did the inner work. I did me. I started loving and flooding positive energy to ME. I started to feel like a badass, like a Queen. I came back home. I created my empire, I was living fully in my purpose, I was seeing magic unfold all around me. I felt so complete and happy and content and then it hit me, I ready for my husband. I desire a Divine Soulmate Partner who honors me, cherishes me, supports me, loves me deeply. A relationship in which we are passionately and intimately connected - so amazing. He is generous and honest and open with me. All these things and more.

And then it started happening. Something shifted and next thing I know, the universe pulled the man I love back into my world and into a whole next level. Our conversations have elevated to marriage and kids and what it would be like to live together. It's almost head-spinning. Even if it doesn't fully manifest for a year or two or whatever, I'm not worried about it. At all. It's unfolding perfectly and I keep going back to the realization that I'm manifesting this because I clearly decided I was ready. I didn't force the issue. I didn't need for it to be a specific person. I just sat in the energy of what I wanted and knew was inevitable.

My next steps were to give myself FULL PERMISSION to love on myself, to spend time journaling out affirmations like, "I am so worthy of incredible love. I am light. I am awesome. I am beautiful. I am having the time of my life. Magic unfolds for me all the time. I get to experience absolute bliss and ease and perfection. I am the prize. etc etc."

It is non-negotiable that I spend the mornings with myself and my journal, contemplating what I want, how I want to feel, and giving myself full permission to have it all. That's how it works for you too. Once you decide you're worthy and ready. Once you just DECIDE and actually commit your heart and mind to it, doors open. Everything shifts. People shift. Let go of the details. Let go of everything else and focus on you and how you want to feel because that's how this whole thing works.

Let me also reiterate how much the details DO NOT MATTER. Do not get worried about who or when or how. It does not matter. Even if you have been separated by distance and time and obstacles, your Divine Soulmate Partner will be brought to you when the time is right. What's yours will keep coming back to you. Their heart continues to beat with yours. The connection does not all. The love is real. When you do reconnect, it's like no time has passed. You can't resist each other. The pull is too strong. The timing of everything is just...perfect. It's like the entire universe is conspiring to give you magical moment after magical moment. 

Nothing else matters except that you decide.

Decide what you want.

Know you can have it

...will have it.

Expect it.

Feel it.

And then let it go. <3